WHO and WHAT is D.D.Rock?

Dear Magic Folk,

Greetings and Brightest of Blessings.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about two exciting projects that I have undertaken and also, to invite you to participate in both.

The first, the Pagans for Peace project was launched in July 2011 and with the assistance and collaboration of many amazing and brilliant Pagan and Pagan friendly musicians has escalated beyond my wildest dreams.

The second (stage two of the first project), The Magical Journey of D.D. Rock, which was launched in May 2012 with the assistance and support of Damh the Bard, has also, exceed my expectations.

It is this second stage that has me most excited. It has been designed to raise money for a fantastic cause, Doctors Without Borders .

Much like those infamous Garden Gnomes who have apparently been stolen from peoples gardens and done tours of the world with photographs taken all over the globe and largely due to the inspiration of many fabulous, magical musicians (Pagan and otherwise), I had came up with the concept of sending my friend, D.D., (a stuffed duck with a flat guitar) around the world to inspire global friendship, peace, harmony and Pagan Awareness.
I have designed our little emissary, D. D. Rock to travel in his search for Fame. "He Wants to be a Rock Star!" and while on his journey:

  • to appear on stage with participants of "the Pagan For Peace project";
  • to have his picture taken in different parts of the world with the Musicians who have participated in the "Pagans For Peace project";
  • to have his travel book (which he is travelling with) written in and recorded by said musicians
  • to obtain an autograph of each musician(s) on his journey
  • to send the occasional postcard home and
  • to obtain momentoes of his journey (which will be auctioned off with him).

Upon completion of his World Tour D.D. will be auctioned off on-line with All proceeds to be donated, in the names of all participating Musicians to Doctors Without Borders. I believe this to be a great Humanitarian and non-religious charity.

Thus far, D.D. , has appeared at Festivals and Gatherings and on stage with magical musicians and performers such as Damh the Bard, Celia Farran, Beltana Spellsinger, Kellianna, Wendy Rule, Bell Book & Canto, Heartbeat, Primal Circle and Witch's Mark in America in 2012

... and shared the stage with Inkubus Sukkubus (twice at two separate shows), Beck Sian, Ash Mandrake, Maggie Sand-Serpentyne and Serpentyne, Matthew Callow at the Magical Faerie Festival in May 2013 in the UK.

Then, with Beck Sian (again), Dan Sullivan, Chris Thorn and Ash Mandrake (again) at the Haunted Ballroom at the Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury.

Then, a lovely visit to the Greenmantle Anniversary gig with Talis Kimberley, Paul Mitchell, Jon Kershaw, Matthew Callow (again),

Most Recently, my little friend has been touring with the Amazing Dragon Ritual Drummers even appearing on stage with them at the Salem Witches Ball on Halloween. Check out his photos in their Facebook album).

I am now cordially inviting you to participate in both these projects.

If you are not a musician and wish to become involved please consider becoming a sponsor and/ or supporter. With Free banner advertisement being offered on the homesite.

Event organisers are also, welcome to participate in stage two of the project by inviting D.D. Rock to appear at any event that may be organised in thie 2013 calendar.

I am not making money out of either of these projects than recognition of doing it and if I have the funding available or manage to obtain funding plan to do a Pagans For Peace concert event in the future and if the funds allow even bring overseas talent to Australia for the event.

For stage one of the project if you would like to participate and become involeced I would like to have you on board for this project but for meto include you if you do wish to take part you will need.

1. A song that is Pagan Theme
2. More in the Folk or Rock (indie or metal) genre
3.  It has to be a downloadable FREE for the Worldwide Community

Please refer:

The benefit to YOU is that it Promotes your music and on the page will include a link to your homesite and a link to your ReverbNation or Sound Click page if you have one.

Please also read:

It is entirely up to you whether or not you accept this offer but I would love to have you on board.

I would greatly appreciate a response via email thank you

With Respect and Warmest Regards

Love, Peace and Harmony

MiC Lee-Price

Deranged Duck Productions


* The concept of D.D.Rock is the intellectual property of MiC Lee-Price and Deranged Duck Productions. The Design of the Duck was done by Louise O'Brien of Cosmic Dragonfly designs


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