This is the journey of a DuckStar Without Border - the Magical Journey of D.D. Rock
The Feral Faerie, Miss Maddy, loved her little friend D.D.Rock and was a little sad that D.D. wanted to leave the nest and pursue his Dreams of being a Rockstar. SO with a big hug she said goodbye to her little friend.
Patiently, Maddy and D.D. waited for the great mystical and magical Druid from Albion, Damh the Bard, to join them at a lovely Coffee House in Hanhdorf, South Australia. Maddy has vowed to one day follow in the foot-steps of her little friend and journey to the Ancient Land of Albion to perform musical magic on stage with her idol, Damh.
Her idol and Druid Guru appears and it is HUGS all around.
"Don't forget D.D." said Maddy to Damh, pointing over to her little duck friend.
... But D.D. had already hidden himself in Damh's back-pack. It was off to Albion first and then, Damh's music Concert in America at the Pagan Spirit Gathering.
On stage with the brilliant Damh the Bard at P.S.G
On stage with the magical Celia Farran at P.S.G


Catching up with Beltana Spellsinger at P.S.G and discussing plans to go with her to the marvellous Wolvenwold Music Festival


Damh hands over custody of D.D. to Celia for the next part of his journey. Celia then, passed the DuckStar on to Beltana for the next leg of his journey.
Damh performs one of his beautiful bardic ballads
What a brilliant line-up of performers. D.D. was so excited to be present when Damh, Celia and the sensation Tuatha Dea took to the stage together.

This beautiful lady with D.D., is Catherine Lahousse a close friend of Kellianna and the official photographer for D.D. Rock's GREAT NEW ENGLAND TOUR.




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