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What the world needs is Magic, Music and Dreams

A Dreamtime

The concept of the Event is to bring AWARENESS and to PROMOTE Tolerance, Understanding with the hope of Embracing others chosen beliefs to the whole community and to celebrated the

Cultural & Spiritual Diversity in Australia.

Music is Magic ... and it helps people forget the troubles of the world and their own personal problems for a while. People need to be entertained and an Event like this is designed to help fulfil that need and to help people become aware that they are not alone. Music can help Bring about Change.

The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter and The Cosmic Cauldron Radio, Mystic Groves (my partner's business) and myself, Michael Lee-Price (The Events Director) are please to Announce this Wonderful Festival Event to be held here in South Australia, Australia.

The Events Director, Michael Lee-Price, also would like to announce that a sizable doantion will be made to Several Charitable and Community Services and that One of the purpose of this event is to raise AWARENESS and Support for a new organization called The Ancient Ways Incorporated:


With the current global financial crisis there are many families out there doing it tough. Many of these families will rely heavily on Charity organizations. A great many of these Charity organizations are Christian orientated. Nothing wrong with that as a qualified Youth Worker and Social Worker I have worked for many organization and associations that are Christian Orientated but there are very few Alternative Spiritualist and pagan organizations which have been set up to assist the Community and help those families which are not Christian until now. The Ancient Ways Incorporated is one such organisation.


Join US!


Embrace The Druid's Dreaming


A Brief History

As the late Martin Luther King said ..."I Had a Dream!"

Way back in 2003, I had a vision; a dream of organising a Cultural and Spiritual Music Event. This event was to be called AUTUMN FEAST. Several Bands were organised, promotional and advertising flyers and pamphlets were printed up, businesses in the South Australian suburb of Aldinga were approached as well as the local Onkaparinga Council and a Website was built to advertise and promote the Event.

Due to some personal issues, interference by certain detractors and an inability on my part at the time to source funding, the Event was shelved.

However, some in the Aldinga Business Community saw the potential of such a music event and from the ashes of Autumn Feast a Phoenix rose called The Aldinga Folk Festival.

This wonderful event ran from 2004= 2006.

After seemingly disappearing into the mist of time and the annuals of once Great Events, this Magnificent Event has re-emerged with the new face of "Fleurieu Folk Fesitval"

This only goes to prove that Dreams can come TRUE, if people are willing to believe in them and are willing to support them.

Like Autumn Feast, I am going to make The Druid's Dreaming happen .. With YOUR Help.

Thank You

Michael Lee-Price

~ The Wayfinder ~

Owner, Publisher and Editor of The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter
Owner and Manager of The Cosmic Cauldron Radio

ALL ENQUIRIES TO: druids.dreaming@gmail.com





ABN: 97 716 255 893

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