Every Child is Entitled to Embrace a Spiritual Path.

[Mission Statement - Aims and Objectives]

To seek personal and spiritual growth and Enlightenment through community sharing and to gather a body of knowledge and teach The Ancient Way to the Children of Tomorrow.

Through research and community building we will collect a resource of information and future teachers for the Children to come. We will work towards spiritual growth both individually and communally by sharing and discussing ideas and beliefs. Tintean Clann Danu is an inclusive community that embraces all paths and accepts all beliefs.

We aim to foster a community spirit and build the foundations of a knowledge base for ALL the Children of Tomorrow.

We endorse the Principles of the Common Good and incorporate them into our everyday lives.

We strongly Endorse Principle Two of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child which States:

"Principle 2

The child shall enjoy special protection, and shall be given opportunities and facilities, by law and by other means, to enable him to develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially in a healthy and normal manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity. In the enactment of laws for this purpose, the best interests of the child shall be the paramount consideration."

We embrace the following Principles of Aeonism as a guide to our interactions with others as spiritual Beings in the everyday world:

* "It is the intent of our actions that govern who we are."

* "LOVE for all beings without exception (Agape love) and the acquisition of GLOBAL COMPASSION are the IDEAL QUALITIES for SPIRITUAL PERFECTION! "

* "A need to suppress one's EGO and to be more CONSIDERATE of others is paramount. It's all right to be selfish sometimes but to be so at someone else's expense, is hardly COMPASSIONATE."

* "No ONE has the right to preach or imply their faith or even will on another and exceptance and tolerance of another's chosen religion is paramount to achieve Spiritual Harmony and Self-Realization, and yes, even Peace of Mind."

* "The Aeonist Movement is Ecumenical - it encompasses all beliefs and religions, as it is not a religion or faith but rather a Philosophy of Being. It is Peace, Love and Harmony. "

We believe strongly that all people are treated with respect and that the family unit is the forefront of the community and should also be treated with respect.

"Spiritual knowledge and experience bring about humility and modesty in self and speech and the purity of The Spirit does not reflect in arrogant and egoistic minds. The right way to approach a teacher is with respect, open-mindedness and trust. Else the learning process will be incomplete and unrewarding. This is not blind faith but the essential reliance on the teacher to help and teach."

"By nourishing the family, we nourish both the persons who were helped and ourselves too. We realize that we are not a selfish, separate fragment but an integral part of life."

From: -"Community as a path to spiritual development" by Priestess Blue


We firmly believe that we need to rediscover our "Dreamtimes" and reclaim our Ancestral Traditions and our Ancient Heritage.

Most Importantly we believe that the Laws of this Great Land of ours should be respected and that at all times we should remember that no matter what culture we emenate from in our Ancestory we all came from somewhere else at one time. We are just Custodians of The Great Mother and as such Stewards of the Earth and her bounty. As such we use Environmentally and Ecologically sound practices. These include Recycling, Supporting Locally produced Products, Using Recycled and Environmentally Friendly Goods where possible and planting and growing our own produce. All children should be encouraged to dig in the dirt and get their hands a bit grubby, Plant a tree and watch it grow and eat fresh fruit and vegetables grown in their own gardens.

"Individual actions may seem small, but together they can change the world."- David Suzuki


The Hearth

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