Greetings and the Brightest of Blessings,

I have downloaded each and every one of these programs to my own computer and have installed every program to my computer. Admittedly, many programs available on the web these days come with malware, adware embed, hidden coding and Trojan viruses.

On the Goddess Gift Web Site you will find several programs particularly the Shareware programs which could be deemed suspicious and I will state must not be treated lightly,

I have marked in white next to these programs "[Shareware]" so if you do download these programs do so at your own risk. When I had them on my computer I found no problem with them.

A program title "Gemcalc" is another program that I cannot guarantee will work on all computers. It has I believe a malfunctioning element, although, I found no immediate problem with it when I Beta - tested it. It may freeze up computers or crash computers depending on the type of computer and age of computer.

As stated, I have installed every one of these programs on my computer and tested them first. I found little problems if any with the majority of these programs.

Many of these programs, I would not have any personal use for but they may appeal to others.

Many of these programs have NOT been downloaded from the Web but pre-date 1997 and are originally from BBS bulletin boards and have been stock piled by myself on a number of old CDs.

Several of these programs have been created and developed by myself. I speak particularly of the Themes and Screensavers. I guarantee any and all programs that I have personally created.

I will NOT guarantee that some of these programs will not or may not harm your computer, as I do not know the make, details, age or kind of computer you are using.

I can only state that they have been tested and have been placed on The Tintean Clann Danu Web Site free of Viruses.

~Mystic Mish ~

Mish Daya Mystique Lee-Price

* August 22nd 2013*

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