Tintean Clann Danu - the Home of The Druid’s Dreaming has been very heavily reconstructed to put more emphasis on Conservational & Environmental issues. It has been re-designed to "HONOUR the Mother" so to speak, and as such features a pictorial section titled: "Terra Firma"! It has also, has been reconstructed to incorporate my own personal journey and the place I am at now, and as such I have adapted my Spiritual Philosophy of "Aeonism" and transferred it here away from all other sites of which I am the Web Creator and manager. This is an attempt at NOT blurring the boundaries. Aeonism is MY created and personal Spiritual Philosophy (circa 1992).

I am Shamanic of practice and embrace ALL "Earth" traditions and spiritual practices as my own, especially Druidism. I consider myself a Bard and an Ovate and I need not confirmation from any Order, as such.

I am a member of the Universal Brotherhood, Australian Spiritual Association and the Theosophical Society.

NOT to take away from the original purpose in the construction of the "Tintean Clann Danu" Web Site, a site that was built in 2009 to promote Cultural Diversity, Folk Music, Pagan Music, Esoteric Music and Music of different Cultures, and an Event by that title, stage by Mystic Grove, its proprietor Louise O'Brien and myself.

This site, also, contains the Archive of that Druids Dreaming Event 2009. There are plans to hold similar Events in the Future. We can only hope that the Goddess provides.

More so, this web site has been contructed to re-established the Tintean Clann Danu hearth which was founded in January 2003. The focus of Tintean Clann Danu is in the Education, Health, Welfare and Spiritual Growth of the Children.

Celtic Traditions, the Mythology and Folklore of all Ancients Paths are extremely important parts of our Ancestry and Heritage.



The Bard's Tree


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The Hearth

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