Twas’ a Fairy dance glorious
I came upon one day.
First came a twinkling sound,
A whisper in my ear: tis’ the Fey.
I turned around and no one was there,
But I felt the presence still in the air.
First, lights danced around my feet--
All colors, some I’ve never seen.
The lights, then shot into the air
Back down they came without a care.
Swaying before I realized what I’d done,
Dancing with a frenzy; with the lights I became one.
Twirling before I could stop,
I danced with the Fey till I dropped.
Laughter all around, faces peeking at me.
I know I danced with the Fairies,
A gift so glorious to see.

Faith Powell aka Lady Bleu
© June 2009

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