The Importance of Imagination in Magick


Gwendolyn Lewis

- Dynion Mwyn - Cardiff, Wales 21/6/2001

Imagination is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Imagination must
never however be confused with mere fantasy or simply a "figment of the
imagination". The power of imagination is, in reality, an extremely powerful,
natural, God-given ability that every human being possesses. Many people
associate imagination with "visualisation", the process of picturing something
in our Mind. While it is true that visualisation is an important attribute of
the imagination, other attributes of imagination include feelings, impressions
and other senses equivalent to the physical senses such as sound, touch, smell
and taste, all of which can be used aspects of the imagination.

Within the inner spheres of reality, as everyone will discover very soon after
the transition from the physical world at the change known as "death",
everything desired is brought into instant manifestation by the use of the Mind,
by will, intent and the power of imagination. In the Astral worlds, due to the
much higher state of vibration and lower density in comparison to the physical
world of matter, and due to the fact that "time" and "space" do not exist,
thoughts take shape instantly, and the more power and emotion projected into
those thoughts, the more real they become and the longer they remain. Transient
thoughts on the other hand will result in transient manifestations.

Most thoughts projected by people during normal activity are transient in
nature, appearing, lingering for a time and then dissipating depending on the
Energy behind the thought or act of imagination. To create something more
permanent requires use of the imagination with emotional Energy, will, intent
and focus, the duration of the resultant manifestation being proportional to
these factors, and therefore how long the resultant Thought Form exists before
dissipating into native Energy one again.

The more we constantly think about something, the more real it will become, and
the longer it will persist. Within the Astral worlds, there are vast areas of
Energy comprising just about every type of environment, all of which are
consensus creations of numerous people from the past, present and "future"
relative to the Earth concept of "time". These creations are the result of vast
collective, consensual Energy formations that are continually being influenced
by the Mind of those residing there, and which endure under that consensual Mind
influence almost ad infinitum. In practice however, in due course, as evolution
of the human race progresses, humans will realise the Astral worlds for the
illusion they are, and will progress to inner Energy levels beyond the concept
of "form", at which pointy, with no Mind to sustain them, they will dissipate
back into formless Quanta of Energy, from whence they came.

On an individual level, a person might create his ideal home in the Astral,
while large numbers of people at a consensual level will imagine and thereby
create larger scale constructions such as entire villages, towns and cities,
just as they were accustomed to in physical life on Earth. This scenario applies
to all Energy levels of the Astral planes from the darkest outer levels to the
most blissful inner levels. This is why, like the physical worlds, the Astral
worlds are ephemeral, transient projections, ultimately an illusion created by
the Mind of humans based upon their concept of reality at that stage of their
evolution, but which will eventually dissipate as humans transcend that
illusion, continuing onwards and inwards on the path, to the glories of the
Spirit worlds beyond form.

Manifestation takes place in the physical world in accordance with exactly the
same Universal Principles, without the need for any preceding direct physical
action. The physical world, however, is very dense and existing at a much lower
vibration than the inner Mind worlds of the Astral and Mental spheres.
Therefore, more Energy, concentration and focus is required in order to bring
about a manifestation observable in the physical world. In addition, as
previously mentioned, on Earth we are also subject to the effects of "time" and
"space" which gives rise to the illusion of a delay between thought and

Many people will have heard of "Magick", but by "Magick" we do not mean the
performances of stage illusionists, prestidigitators, conjurors and others from
the areas of stage entertainment. Magick is, in reality, a sacred science, the
word "Magick" originating from the Magi who fully understood and applied natural
Universal laws in order to bring about manifestations that many might consider
as "miraculous".

The practitioner of true Magick understands, aligns him or herself with, and
makes appropriate use of Universal Principles in order to manifest the desired
results. People often associate Magick with sorcery, but some of these groups
practicing Magick do not really know what they are doing and these are not
Magick in their truest, highest and most Divine form. This is not to say that
these types of "magick" are not effective because they often are, depending on
the abilities of the practitioner.

Pseudo Witchcraft groups often perform Magick by loosely utilizing some
Universal principles in the desired direction, by means of spells and rituals,
which also serve to impress the desired result on the Subconscious Mind of the
practitioner who is usually not fully aware of what Universal Principles are
involved or of the role of the Subconscious or Universal Minds in the process,
and accordingly, due to this lack of understanding, the results can be
unpredictable or even undesirable.

True Dynion Mwyn Witchcraft Magick is to exert full conscious control over
Universal Principles through the infinite powers of the Subconscious Mind. What
most refer to as "Magick" in the context of spells, and rituals, is in actual
fact more often properly referred to as "sorcery", particularly if performed
without conscious use of the Universal Principles involved and in particular the
role and extreme importance of the Subconscious Mind.

True Dynion Mwyn Magick is total manifestation of that which is imagined.