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In the Dreamtime, the gods walked the earth and shaped it according to their creative whims and their serious needs. That creation of the 'world' also structured it for us; it provided the frame for the 'mirror' with which we reflect 'heaven'. In ritual, we leave linear, secular time and enter the sacred time of the Dreamtime. In that space, we can communicate with the gods directly, learn from them and possibly acquire spiritual knowledge of the type that is forever beyond language. In such rituals, we explore other dimensions of the 'world' and dimensions of ourselves that are not reachable otherwise. If we cannot do so directly, the shaman will do so for us with the difficult techniques of ecstasy, for that is his sacred trust. When the shaman returns from spirit-soul journeys, he or she communicates the experience to the clan and all are enriched and made wiser by the experience.

We think that the Dreamtime is specific to the native Australian Aboriginals but the historical record suggests otherwise. These extraordinary people are 'simply' the last stewards of the Dreamtime; they have miraculously preserved it into the 20th century.

Have we lost our Dreamtime? Have progress and modern day living obliterated our connection to the Ancient Ones?

We all need to find our roots and re-locate the Traditional Dreamtime of our ancestors. When our Bicameral Minds Broke Down (c.3,000 BC - 0 AD) and Consciousness with its Self Awareness and narrative 'I' appeared, we lost the easy ability to talk to the gods. We MUST regain it if our overall 'health' is to be restored. Isolated regions of recovery, as promoted by Western reductionist science when working alone, will not suffice.

We thereby hold in our hands the ultimate power, the possibility of affecting the QUALITY of our emotional/spiritual lives and also the possibility of the affecting the QUALITY of Gaia -Mother Earth - the global ecosystem. We can all be bodhisattvas to Gaia if we choose.




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