I am me

I am lovable and capable

I am worthy and valuable

I am nature's greatest miracle

I am a unique and precious human being.

No-one in the universe is quite the same or has exactly the same 

impact on the world as my own unique and precious self.

Even though my awareness may differ, from others, my worthiness

is absolutely equal with ALL, for no-one in the world is more or less

important than I am.

My loyalty is firstly to my true self and what's true and loving for 

me. I have no need to worship other's opinions. I stand up for my 

own values. 

I am my own authority. I think for myself and accordingly.

I am in charge of my own thoughts and images and emotions. 

This way I am consciously in charge of my own life.

I give myself willingly and with love to the one I choose to share my 

life with. I am aware that my happiness does not rely on this other.

I can create for myself as I choose. I have inner strength, wisdom 

and  compassion, sufficient enough to handle everything I will 


Knowing that I am accountable for my own actions, I am also aware 

that I am not my actions and allow myself the freedom to make 

mistakes and to be defeated without feeling guilty or inferior.

I give myself the freedom to be wrong, to fail, and to be less than 

perfect. I defer to no-one on account of their wealth, power or 

prestige. I can say "no" even if I know it will displease 

others. I do not let others talk me into things against my better 

judgment. I do not deny my own needs, feelings or what's true for 

me in order to please others, as long as I do not intentionally hurt 

others in the process.

I acknowledge that I am without blame or guilt, for the whole of my 

life, in every situation, I know I have always done the best that I 

could, with what I knew and the circumstance I was in at the time, 

and I always will.

In giving up all reasons for remorse or guilt or blame or shame to 

do with any PAST actions, and excepting the ramifications of any 

future actions, I now have warm and loving feelings towards myself, 

for I am totally worthy and have every reason to have a high 

opinion of myself.

I cherish and value and LOVE the others I am with as I know they 

cherish and value and LOVE me. I refrain from all value judging or 

having expectations of others, and I am free of resentment and 

bitterness. I allow all people, especially my close loved ones, the right 

to their own unique awareness. I do not allow personal comparisons 

to affect my sense of worth. I do not try to prove my worth by 

accomplishments. I realize I can not prove or disprove my worth by 

what I do. 

It is who I am that matters most.

My very existence proves my innate worth and importance.

I am patient, kind and gentle with myself.

I am O.K. all right.

My number one responsibility is my own life and well-being. I 

therefore have innate authority and freedom to satisfy my own needs 

first as long as I am not disloyal to my own values and loyalties to 


I acknowledge as everything I recognize as good and beautiful and 

loving in another must also be in me, to enable me to recognize it in 

the other.

I LOVE and cherish my wonderful precious self, for I accept myself 

totally and unconditionally.




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