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The Sacred Energy of Nature


The Temple of A.E.O.N. (Ancient Energy Of Nature) is No longer Associated with the Ordo Sacerdotalvs Templi due to ideological differences and is NOW an Order in its own right.

Although the Manisfesto of the once aforementioned associated Order are vastly similar the Temple of A.E.O.N embraces Druidry, Shamanism, Thelema Magic and to a small degree, philosophically, the Buddhist relgion and Theosophical teachings.

Unlike the OST order, the Temple of AEON is much more closely aligned and based on the Original Aeonist philosophy, which was revealed to Joseph Dismore when he was an Initiate and Acolyte to his Mentor, who was once known, as The Wayfinder and who now goes by the name of Mish Daya Mystique (Moi).

Due to different ideologies, the association and connection between the two Orders has ceased.

The Aeonist philosophy is Ecumenical - it encompasses all beliefs and religions, as it is not a religion or faith but rather a Philosophy of Being (please refer to our Credo).

A Priest/ Priestess of the Temple of Aeon or an Aeonist is a Messenger, a Teacher, a Guide. It is his/her duty to bring enlightenment to those who seek. Aeonists are Teachers of Harmony and Peace and Love - The Ancient Way of Light, Darkness and Balance/ the Ancient Energy of Nature.

Whatever the religion or the belief, Aeonists are the messengers of the "Deities". The Path is not monotheistic. It totally depends on your faith. The Aeonist Path is not a religion or a faith. It is a philosophy and encumbers all religions. The ancient Pagan Beliefs had One Supreme God and/ or Goddess...Zeus, Jupiter, Isis, Diana, Odin, Dadga, Vishnu, Danu etc. YOU mirror your own God or Goddess. The Buddhist and Hindu believe that we all have inner Deity.

Whatever the belief and faith, an Aeonist is the messenger of the Deities; A Shaman, if you wish to call him or her such. A member of a certain tribal society who acts as a medium between the visible world and an invisible spirit world and who practices magic or sorcery for purposes of healing, divination, shadow/spirit walking and control over natural events.

William Shakespeare once wrote and I quote: "To Thine Own Self Be True." Loyalty to Oneself, Ones Hearth/ Family, Ones friends and loved Ones, and Ones Tribe/ Community and the commitment to those loyalties are the most desired qualities personally obtainable.

We are ALL a part of the Mother. We are ALL a part of NATURE and our Environment. We are Spiritual Beings experiencing a Human Existence.

Mish Daya Mystique Lee-Price
~ Mystique Mish ~

High Priestess and of the Temple of AEON & Matriarch of Tintean Clann Danu

High Priestess and Handmaiden to Archdruidess Raven Dragonslayer ~ Supreme High Priestess of the Morrigan - Phoenix Grove



Copyrighted 2000 - 2019 Mish Daya Mystique Lee-Price- High Priestess Mystique Mish of the Temple of A.E.O.N