~ Our Credo

Love yourself unconditionally   Accept, acknowledge and embrace all that you are. You are perfect, whole and complete just the Way you are. You must see that your life is pure and divine in the eyes of self.

Make a conscious choice to heal and change your life    Free yourself from all the expressions of fear by changing your beliefs about yourself, others and your reality so you can make the kinds of choices you need to heal and take responsibility for your life. The only way to go forward in your consciousness is without fear. You have the power within you to change your life.

Understanding that you are a Divine expression of Deity  Your spirit has come to earth to experience life in a physical body and in this experience you agreed to forget who you really are, even though this knowledge lays dormant within. Your greatest task in this lifetime is to move out of fear and into the Divine knowledge that you are God/ Goddess and all you know is love.

You are the creator of your life    You are the creator and the creation. You are the one who can remove the burdens of your past and the wounded aspects of self. You are the only authority of self. What you think is what you create in you life. Everything is created with just a simple thought. You can train your mind to think positive loving thoughts so positive loving things can come your way. What ever you put out comes back to you. If you express love, love will be returned and if you express hate then that is what you get in return.

Expand your ability to see all things through love   Love is all there is and all we will ever need, it is what we really are. When you love yourself unconditionally in see the divinity in everyone you free yourself to experience greater love, peace, joy and abundance. You will see that fear, pain, suffering, love, peace and joy are all optional.

Do not criticize or judge yourself or others    When you judge others you judge yourself. Have love and compassion for self and all others because we are all ONE. If you have a problem with someone look inside and see what you don't like about about yourself and learn to love that part of you.

Go within   Your Spiritual Divine Self is within. Awaken to your inner authority, the piece of you that is God / Goddess and its voice and trusting it to lead you. Give yourself time each day to go within and listen. If you don't go within you will go without. In other words if you don't go within and get your own answers you will go outside yourself and be influenced by society and you won't know who you really are. Going within leads you on your path of self-discovery and heals your life.

Forgiveness   Forgive yourself and others, for truly there is nothing to forgive. We have all agreed on another level that each of us create our own lives and experiences while living in our physical body. We have all co-created everything that exists on earth. Our journey is to reawaken to the piece of us that is God/ Goddess and to live in community with mother earth and all that live upon her. We must live with all others in love, compassion and reverence for one other. This is what will ascend the earth into her peaceful times and bring heaven to earth.

Have a sense of humor and gratitude    Go ahead laugh, play and have fun! Lighten up your burdens and play. Get out of your own way and waken that loving child within. Allow yourself to see things through humor and you will move through life with ease. Be thankful for everyone and everything in your life, the good as well as the bad. Remember you created these things to experience them. Love and embrace your life, its the best gift you could give yourself.

Creating balance    You can create balance in your life by being detached. There is no need to judge or have fear for others when you see them experiencing negativity in their lives. Remember they are the ones who agreed to experience this. Rather seeing them in a place such as ''what a shame, what a loss of life, what a jerk''...see them as blessed and living their lives as they agreed to. Have love and compassion for them, don't feel sorry for them, their Soul knows what's happening. If what others do concerns you, then offer them a helping hand, an open mind and a loving heart.

Being the observer    Watch your observations as you go through your day. Observe what you see simply as an observer without judgment. Change your thoughts on how you see things, such as, a dog getting hit by a car. Don't say,'' look at that poor dog'', instead say, '' blessed be that dog''.  Or how many hate rainy days? Tell yourself, '' I love rainy days they help to sustain life.''

Speaking your truth    Speak what comes from your heart. Do not speak your truth in anger speak it in love. Love is the universal language that binds all things together.



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