Coming Home

by MiC Lee-Price

To step into your awaiting arms;

To feel your loving embrace.

To re-experience your wit and charm,

To kiss your beautiful Face.

To see that LOVE for me in your eyes,

To hear you whisper my name.

To live with you until I die,

To ease my lonely pain.

To me this will feel like Coming Home,

To finally return to you.

Through the mists of Time my soul has roamed,

To fulfill your Longing too.

I have pledge to you my heart and soul,

My LOVE is in your hands.

I pledge that LOVE with a band of Gold;

So together we may stand.

You are my wife from centuries past,

I have searched eternity for you.

I have returned - I'm here at last,

Can you not feel this too?

I am here on distant shores alone,

I yearn to feel your touch.

To me YOU are my Coming Home,

I am missing you so much.

Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.