Heaven's Gate

by MiC Lee-Price

Melodies of days of old,

Played sweetly on my mind.

I felt your heart caress my soul,

With that love of another time.

Two hearts beating as One,

Romance filled the air...

And mistralsí lutes were softly strummed,

As they sang of ladies fair.

You danced with me on the Astral plain,

You chanced with me your fate...

Our Destinies were entwined,

And lead to Heavenís Gate.

Picture us beneath our tree,

As I softly stroked your hair.

I asked you then, to marry me,

Your "Yes" hung in the air

My heart then soared on golden wings,

And Joy caressed my soul.

I heard a chorus of Angels sing:

A song of Our Love of old.










Come dance with me on the Astral plain,

Chance with me Our fate...

Our Destinies are entwined,

Beyond the Heavenís Gate.

In Paradise ~ Our Loveís Retreat,

Hand in hand we strolled.

Once more my love, we feel complete,

Together ~ We are Whole.

A heavenly world is our home...

Our Destiny and Fate.

Hand in hand we shall roam,

And stroll through Heavenís Gate.

© Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.