Heaven's Glow

by MiC Lee-Price

The sound of harps in my head,

Aroused me from my sleep and bed.

I stood to seek what made me rise,

There she stood for all to spy;

An angelic vision before my eyes,

From velvet lips she released a sigh.

She whispered thus a message sent,

Her golden tones made me repent;

As I listen to what she said,

Now sitting there upon my bed.

The angel said: YOU are the one,

Let not the Gods decree be brought undone.

YOU were my LOVE in centuries past...

YOU have returned - you're here at last.

A lovers' pact made long ago...

Has brought us back, so LOVE can grow.

Our pure love ~ no mortals touch,

Can seperate what means so much;

We've passed the tests - the spirits sing,

Sweet happiness is what they bring.










As I listen to what she said,

Sitting there upon my bed...

My thoughts reached out to touch your soul,

To share our dreams of long ago.

You feel me there ~ I sense you know,

Our LOVE is blessed in Heaven's glow.

I heard her message as if a song,

And with it said she was gone.


Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.