Lonely Longing

by MiC Lee-Price

So many doubts flood my thoughts,

So much anguish pains my soul.

In deep despair I am caught -

Without you with me I feel so cold.
No one but you can know my pain;

This lonely longing that we share.

Depressing thoughts fill my brain,

I need to tell you how much I care:
I have never felt such LOVE before -

The strength of it torments me thus.

You are my Everything; my World; my ALL -

My every thought is consumed by "US".
A fiery passion burns in my heart,

A raging fire which burns unspent;

With a desire to hold you as its spark,

My LOVE for you is so intense.
Every night to the Gods I pray -

In him I trust my soul to keep,

I pray to be with you one day,

To cradle you in Lovers' sleep.
Every morning I wake alone,

With aching heart and empty sighs.

No greater pain have I ever known,

As I sit upon my bed and cry.


Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.