Not The Same

by MiC Lee-Price


I gaze upon your beauty;

I search your loving eyes.

I see your gentle smile,

And suppress an adoring sigh.

A radiance shines around you,

As your inner-glow shines through.

Your soul caresses my soul,

You whisper: "".

I hear only empty silence,

My ears heard not a word.

It is only in my heart,

That the whispering is heard.

Our arguments I dwell on,

Bitter words can often hurt.

Still, I will not run from our love,

YOU - I'll not desert.









It is I who starts the discord,

Through frustration and my pain.

This loneliness is hateful,

It is driving me insane.

You know I TRULY love you,

With a passion and a fire.

You're my heart; my soul; my everything,

YOU are the ONE that I desire.

I need to hold you in my arms,

I need to feel you near.

I need to kiss your smiling lips,

Whisper: "", in your ear.

I reach out to hold you near me,

Yet, you know it is not the same.

Sitting here and making LOVE to,

A picture in a frame.

Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.