Stirs My Heart to Words

by MiC Lee-Price

Pure is her loveliness,

How I adore her gentle smile.

Her face lights up my loneliness,

Her flashing eyes beguile.

Her velvet voice soothes my soul,

And heals my aching heart.

Gentleness is what she shows,

To help despair depart.

Sometimes there are heated words,

I am the one to blame.

Frustration caused the beast to stir,

My loneliness inflames.

How I wish I was with her,

To ease my bitter cries.

No arguments would ever stif,

If I could see her loving eyes.

I love her with my heart and soul,

I need her very much.

I want to be completely whole -

I long to feel her touch.

Yes, Pure is her loveliness,

As is too my LOVE for her.

This Woman fills my emptiness,

And fills my heart with words.

Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.