Sorrow's End

( A Tarot reading )

by MiC Lee-Price

The Tarot falls; A Celtic Cross...

Ten cards in all, with symbols gloss.

The Querant 's hopes, may soon be lost;

As We Reach Sorrows End!

O ' Druid Priests, Of Ancient Days,

Send me a sign, show me the way.

For peace of mind, I need to pray,

O ' Help My Heart to Mend!


The Lovers Tarot; First card to fall,

The Fool arrives, with one card more..

The Wheel of Fortune, The Hang Man -four;

What Message Does Fate Send?


The next cards falls; The Star arrives...

Like a Comet before my eyes;

It takes it 's place at position five,

As The Journey Starts Again!













The Queen of Cups, The sweetest Queen,

Turned face up, The sixth card seen.

Ace of Cups, What might have been;

With The Love Of A Certain Friend!


O ' Druid Priest Of Celtic yore...

Serve me A feast Of Ancient Lore;

A friendly card perchance will fall;

Released From The Morrigan 's Den!


A Karmic Kiss, From the Queen of Wands,

Is this bliss, And it 's sweet song?

The tenth card is turned, As the World looks on;

And My Story Nears Its End!


I Touch this card, To my third eye,

A message sent, For all to spy.

We We've walked the path, You and I;

This Sun Is For You My Friend!

Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.