Possess by none, yet shared by all, Time is our one true master, and

you shall find that Time is an indifferent and uncaring ruler. We are

born. We live. We die, and our Master Time fleetingly smiles down

upon us and then, moves on. It is unimportant how or where one is

born, or the circumstances behind one's death. It is how you live that

matters most. Your codes of honour and philosophecies of life,

goodness and truth. Master Time bears witness to all this and only

Time measures the weight of our worth.


The Tears of Time

by MiC Lee-Price

The tears of many lovers,

Flood the Ocean of Despair.

Broken Hearts are many;

Sorrow fills the air.

Yesterdays die lonely,

In the mournful Tears of Time.

Regrets are often only,

Of a selfish kind.







I have battled bitter loneliness,

Held back the Tears of Time.

Searched centuries of emptiness.

It was YOU I hoped to find.

I have swam the sea of sorrow;

I have walked the land of doubt.

To the realm of sweet tomorrow,

Your LOVE I now seek out.

On my journey I've felt anguish,

Suffered torment and great pain.

To be with you is my only wish,

To feel my Soul-Mate's LOVE again.

I placed my trust in the GodsG and Fate,

My Hopes and Peace of mind;

That I would find my Soul-Mate,

In the mournful Tears of Time.


Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.