In Vain

by MiC Lee-Price

In vain my joyless eyes,

Seek the dark and mournful sea.

Perchance a ship I would spy,

To take me home and back to thee.


Doest thou too weep my passionate tears,

That streak my cheeks and fall like rain.

Ay, my frail heart is bound with fears,

That we shall never meet again.


Woe is me, midst lost of words of love,

Thy gentle heart and face missed so long.

Oh, how I pray to the Gods above,

My lonely exile will soon be gone.


On these distant shores I wait alone,

And pride forgot, and reason flown.

My heart cries out: "Please take me home...

To her caresses and playful moans."











O’faithful wife, hadst thou kept,

Our love eternal in thy breats?

For thou hadst made no deeper love a guest;

Than this aching heart - forlorned, unblessed.


O’ How I wish thee here with me,

So I could make sweet love to thee.

But that is not yet meant to be,

O’ curse this dark and mournful sea.


Always and Forever I heard you say,

When I was taken that fateful day.

My love for thee will never stray,

Eternally it will always stay.


When we meet - O’ sweet the dream;

Perchance one day we will love again.

Our love will bath in Heaven’s gleam,

And in Deities' hands our love remains.












To taste your lips - sweet kisses mine,

To hold your hand, fingers entwined.

To feel your touch - our flesh will bind,

Sweet Bliss and Happiness we shall find.


Our LOVE will open heaven’s door,

Our past pain lost, spurned and finally gone.

We will be ONE and forever once more,

In our Hearts we will feel LOVE’s song.


© Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.