by MiC Lee-Price

The twilight stars above me,

Showed me where I was bound.

I was headed for the wilderness,

Far from any town.


The music of the forest

Called me from afar.

And, so I ventured onwards,


Guided by the stars.

A gentle breeze caressed me,

Softly called my name ...

It's melody so soothing,

A peaceful, sweet retrain.

A female voice sang with it ...

... It's lure was so strong.

It called me to come closer ...

... Urged me forever on.















I found her in a clearing,

She was dancing with a wolf.

She was dressed in gypsy clothing,

Her manner was aloof.

Her pagan dance was wild,

Her song became a chant.

Her wild eyes glared at me,

She held me in a trance. 

"No man shall ever have me!"

Were the lyrics to one song.

"If you wish, you may make love to me ...


... For Tommorrow, I will begone!

She was a pagan beauty,

The stars shone in her eyes.

I felt the primitive desires,

Arise between my thighs.













I ventured over to her,

And listened to her songs.

The melodies were magic,

The enchantment lingered on.

In the lyrics there was wisdom;

Messages in the tunes.

She sang about life, love and peace ...

Her songs were lyrical runes.

"I am the Gypsy Queen!" she sang,

" Wolf Woman, I am called!"

"Come love me if you wish, sweet man!"

"For I am your reward!"

"You have travelled far to hear me sing!"

"So lay with me awhile!"

"My mystic touch is my offering ...

... my kissess will beguile!"

I laid with her and held her close,

Sweet ecstacy was mine.

There was magic in her gentle touch,

Enchantment of a kind.













In the morning light I found her gone,

She had left without a trace.

Not even wolf tracks could be found,

Around her dancing place.


The birds chirped out a melody,

To greet the coming day.

And with their song in my heart,

I ventured on my way.

Adventure was in the offering,

And so I travelled on.

Of the Wolf Woman and her songs,

The memories linger on.


Copyrighted 1992- 2012 MiC Lee-Price. All Rights Reserved.