A Diary of a Wiccan Teacher

Oct 08

Dear Diary,

So here we are in Australia heading toward Beltaine at a furious pace (where the heck has the year gone?!) and at last I can put the winter woollies away, or least think about it. Winter and very early Spring is clearly not my best time of year and not my best teaching time. Let me see...

* Teaching rituals outside when it's so damn cold my toes have gone numb is not conducive to a good teaching environment.
* I know I look stupid wearing three vests, thermal leggings and my husband's thick woolly work socks under my robes but I never said I'd teach people about going skyclad!
* The neighbours do wonder about my sanity when I run round outside desperately trying to warm up before casting a circle. So what!
* I don't care how beautiful and Spring-like Daffodils are, I'm still damn cold!

Roll on Summer!



PS: There's been some huge changes this last week for Oak and Mistletoe with my moving away from CUEW completely after I realised their ethics with students doesn't match my own. As a result it means I'll be starting my own tradition I guess and this will mean a new online school with interactive student lessons, video chat rooms and a whole pile of help for students who can't join a group to learn. Exciting stuff so watch the website to see the changes over the next few weeks. It has been very sad to leave CUEW though.