A Diary of a Wiccan Teacher

Dec 08

Diary of a Wiccan Teacher

Dear Diary,

Candles and fire are an important part of any ritual. We have quarter candles, altar candles, candle magick, bale fires, burning incense sticks and all manner of combustible materials within the circle as my students and I know. Whilst I try very hard to teach decorum in the scared space of the circle, sometimes it’s a case of do as I say and not as I do. I need to teach students that...

* I probably do not look calm, cool and sophisticated when my long, flowing, romantic robe sleeves catch fire whilst leaning over the altar candle.
* The element of Air will just as easily fan the bale fire flames into a raging inferno making students run screaming for the garden hose as it will blow every candle out just when they want to connect with the Fire element. The sooner they get used to the fickle nature of Air, the better!
* Bale fire smoke is pre-programmed to follow you and blow in your eyes regardless of where you sit or stand.
* Candle light gives off a warm and inviting glow until it sets your hair on fire.
* Re the point above, the perfume of incense does not cover up the smell of burning hair.

Clearly the Fire element and I need some more bonding time...




Oak and Mistletoe


Oak and Mistletoe News

I'm proud to announce some great improvements and changes going on in the world of Oak and Mistletoe.
Please come and visit us to check it out. It will be changing lots over the next month as all the new areas are rolled out.

As a result of moving away from the tradition I loved and was associated with until recently, I'm now free to do all the wonderful things with Wicca and Witchcraft that I've wanted to but wasn't allowed to so Oak and Mistletoe is now blossoming.

Our biggest news is the new, free, interactive, online school for Wiccan students which opened on Oct 31st. The school has been up and running for a month now and we have been inundated with students all wanting to engage with the personal touch that Oak and Mistletoe provides, the free skype conversations with their tutors and so on. It’s been really exciting! All Students will have personal video or phone conversations with me, podcasted meditations and lots of activities to do so they learn how to 'do' their religion instead of just learning 'about' their religion. That's great news and has been a dream of mine for some time.

To subsidise the free school, I've created a merchandise area at:


I'll be adding handmade wands, athames and altar tools there soon so bookmark it to keep on top of the goodies. Also a Bookshop at:


where I'm selling my new book for Wiccan students and a growing host of other materials. I've also registered a Wiccan publishing company from which we'll publish other Wiccan's work for them too.

Lastly, I've finally managed to upload the photos of me at Stonehenge last year when I was blessed to be given the opportunity to do a private ritual inside the stones on the new moon of November last
year. A glorious event that I'll never forget.



Hopefully Oak and Mistletoe will acheive that dream. Wish me luck!

I Believe