A Diary of a Wiccan Teacher

Jan 09

Dear Diary,

A new calendar year and the time for new resolutions. Why do we torture ourselves with promises every year only for them to fall over within a week? What is that stupid tradition?! This year I will not teach my students to make new years’ resolutions, instead I will teach them that:

1. They must make a new years’ resolution never to make another new years’ resolution.
2. If they failed to take notice of point 1 and made a resolution anyway, it’s only valid if made when they were sober or not hung over.
3. The big white porcelain deity does not remember that you repented and vowed abstinence. (“Oh God, never again” whilst draped over the toilet throwing up the morning after.)
4. The post Christmas spending spree and resultant exorbitant credit card bill cannot be wiped out by magic alone.
5. When and if they ever become teachers, their students will not take any notice of point 3.

Now diary, with that in mind I shall not make any new year’s resolutions. I’m much too grown up, mature and sophisticated to fall into that trap. I’m just going to stay overweight, not exercise more, work just as many hours this year as I did last, spend equally as limited time with the family this year as last and be proud of the fact that I am a genius for not breaking new years’ resolutions! Yeay!




Oak and Mistletoe


Oak and Mistletoe News

Hi there, thought I’d let you know personally that the Attorney General’s department have now licensed me as a Marriage Celebrant. So now I can do legal weddings as well as witness stat decs for people and so on. Am so pleased after all the months and months of training, the references, the pages and pages of red tape! It seems to have taken months and months but it's finally happened so I'm really pleased to now be able to extend my services from rituals and so on into the legal marriage arena as well.

I Believe