A Diary of a Wiccan Teacher

Feb 09

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

Another month of summer (southern hemisphere) behind us and that means the sunburn from rituals will slowly subside! Much as I love ritual in the open and helping students learn about being part of ritual, I’m still not sure the Gods and Goddesses were altogether fair with this intense heat and searing sun! I reckon they’re cacking themselves laughing at those of us who live and practice in the hot parts of the world and also at those who live in the cold parts as well come to that. There’s those of us burning in the heat of the sun and then a whole bunch of students on the other side of the world shivering in the cold! Think the Divine’s playing a joke on the students and I somehow. Ho hum, I’m off to consecrate the sunscreen bottle...




Oak and Mistletoe


Oak and Mistletoe News

Hi all,
just wanted to let the community know that Oak and Mistletoe will be
commencing its 2009 Outer Court program in March here in Adelaide.

The program teaches Inclusive Wicca (eclectic in nature), takes eight
months and students will meet once a month for lessons. They're also
invited to the group's Sabbats as well. The program is free although a
gold coin donation each month is helpful.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me off list for more
information or visit www.oakandmistletoe.com.au or www.cciwi.org for
more info.

Many smiles and blessings,