A Diary of a Wiccan Teacher

April 09

Dear Diary,

What the?! Why is it that when I develop teaching materials for my students that typos always miraculously appear? Is there a Wiccan Typo Poltergeist out there somewhere just waiting in the shadows ready to pounce on my work? I spend hours writing, developing, checking, proof reading and then printing stacks of reading material, program notes and handouts, all of which have been carefully read, re-read and proof read till I’m so tired my eyes are held open with matchsticks, only to find three students instantly find five typos that magically appeared. I swear on my Book of Shadows they weren’t there yesterday, honest!

I’m going off to meditate and try and connect with this mysterious Wiccan Typo Poltergeist and attempt to come to some kind of truce with it. Maybe if I promise never to sneak snack on the ritual cakes and ale, the Wiccan Typo Poltergeist will go and deliver its typo output to the local newspaper. I promise not to laugh when I read the morning paper either...




Oak and Mistletoe