A Diary of a Wiccan Teacher

May 09

Dear Diary,

Ok, so now I really know there’s a Divine conspiracy. We all know about the Great Sock Refuge. That’s the place where one of the socks I know very well that I put in the washing machine has gone along with an army of single socks from all other washing machines around the world. Why the Great Sock Refuge only steals one sock rather than the pair is beyond my mortal understanding but I trust that the Gods and Goddesses have a glorious plan for which the Great Sock Refuge and it’s thousands of single socks plays an important part.

But here’s the latest trend I’ve noticed in that glorious plan. The Great Sock Refuge has expanded its catalogue of treasures and now takes single Tarot cards (and it does so the day before I’m about to use them to teach I noticed). It’s also snaffled one of the Oghams from the beautiful set I made to show students last month (sneaky this Great Sock Refuge!) and just to really drive the point home, the Great Sock Refuge has upped the ante and commandeered not one but two (yes two!) Runes from my precious set. What the?!

I think I’ll play a trick on the Great Sock Refuge and its growing audacity and theft. From now on I’m going to teach using a Tarot pack with three missing cards (how’s that for daring!) an Ogham set with one Ogham marked with f (that’ll confuse the heck out of The Great Sock Refuge team) and I’ll take another Rune out of the set so it’s three down and really stuff up the Great Sock Refuge. Haha! Take that you thieves! Never again will you steal one thing from a complete set cos I won’t use complete sets! Serve them right!

Now I just have to work out how to explain to the students why I’m wearing one green sock and one black one...




Oak and Mistletoe


Oak and Mistletoe News

Pagan Supply Shop Supports Free Wiccan School

The online coven and community of Oak and Mistletoe (www.oakandmistletoe.com.au) continues to grow at an amazing pace and along with that also grows the wonderful student group. The Wiccan school of Oak and Mistletoe provides free, fully supported Outer Court training to students all over the world who aren’t able to join a local coven for whatever reason. The school is paid for completely, and run by its founder, so that students can all get free access to the complete range of lessons, the free podcasts, the student’s online chat room for tutorials and one to one meetings with tutors. But all this costs money...

So the Oak and Mistletoe Goodies Shop (http://www.oakandmistletoe.com.au/oak-and-mistletoe-goodies/) and Bookshop (http://www.oakandmistletoe.com.au/oak-and-mistletoe-bookshop/) were created to try and subsidise the free school operations. The shops sell a growing range of high quality Pagan friendly items including candles, Tarot cards, pendulums, ritual tools, jewellery, all manner of esoteric books, athames, wands and the list goes on and on. They can even help you with special orders if you’re after something special ad new stock is arriving every day so the range just grows continually.

All proceeds go to subsidising the free lessons for students and so sales help to maintain this service to the mushrooming student and community of O & M. If you’re looking for something really special and you want to support a Pagan friendly service, please consider giving them a visit and help support a non commercial, Pagan provider.

I Believe



Oak and Mistletoe