Shaman ~ Spiritual Counselor ~Shadow Walker



I am an Ordained Spiritual Minister of the now
defunct High Church of Aquarius,
an Ordained Minister of the United Light Church and an Ordained Minister of the Australian Spiritual Association.

I was the Australian Representative and High Priestess of Ordo Sacerdotalvs Templi (OST), J now

I am an exponent and adept at Kundalini Meditation.

I am an exponent and adept at Reiki.

I am an exponent and adept at EMF (Electronic Magnetic Force) massage technique.

I have a Bachelor of Divinity from the Universal Brotherhood Movement.

I was a member of the Theosophical Society. (have to renew membership one day).

I am an AMORC drop-out.

I have a Diploma in Youth Work

I am the Founder of The Cosmic Cauldron

I am the Founder of the Pagans For Peace project.

I am the Founder of the Aeonist philosophy.

I have read and studied the Bible, the Tomasian Bible, the Torah, the Quoran, the Havamal, the Wiccan Rede, the Kabbalah and many books on Buddhism, Toaism, Druidry, Shamanism and the Craft.

I am Matriach of Tintean Clann Danu

I am a Bard and Philosopher.

Call me a Jill of All Trades. An Adept if you wish. An Elder if you so desire.

I am Me. A Humble Shaman Priest.

* Mystique Mish *

~ The Wayfinder ~

Community Advocate and Arbitrator

My name is Mish Michala Desiree Lee-Price. I was born male and have been Transgendering for nearly four years now. As I hold women in high regards and in Honor of OUR Mother and Goddess I had decided to change my sex and live life as a Woman.

We ALL evolve. We ALL change. We ALL discover self or strive to acheive the same. To find Self and the Spiritual Being within.

I have walked a long, hard road with many Sorrows, Emotional Pain, Hurt and Anguish but I have chossen not to allow myself to become bitter, to dwell on the Negatives of Life. I have decide to be in Control of my Life and my Identity. I am not an Atomatron, or Borg or Lemming and will NOT allow Life to Control me.

We are all on the same journey from the Craddle to the Grave and the Other Side and Worlds Beyond . I am not a Lemming marching towards that final outcome.

After all that I have endured I found my purpose and reason for existence. To help others and be a Guide.

There are many in the Community who know me by my male name, Michael or MiC, it is a name I no longer identify with or relate to. I am now Shemale and I am re-building myself in the image of our Mother Goddess as I am a Goddess Worship.

I am and have always been a Shaman. A Shaman is a soul retriever and healer. Somewhere along the line I lost my Shamanic ability, my Magic, My Soul during my relationship with my ex-partner. It wasn't her fault was all the Negative Bullying people around her at the time ... her ex-husband, ex-friends and the psychic vampires ...

I am second generation Australian (in places and a little original Australian). I am half Irish (my mother's side - Avery and Frawley) and a quarter Welsh (my father's father - he changed his name from Pryce to Price) and 1/ 8 aboriginal (my father's mother was 1/ 2 and I do not know what the other half was). Without going into a great detail ... both my mother and father where Christian ... my father Anglican my mother Catholic (Irish) ... neither converted and married with the understanding that religion was an open though not much discussed faith in their house hold. I always had a leaning to the Occultism, Metaphysics and Druidry. I found the philosophies of Gnostism, the Rosecrucians, Wicca, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Druidr, Asatru and Witchcraft a great deal more to my liking.

"The Wayfinder" is NOT a Magical Name; NOT my Magical Name, it is NOT a Nick Name or even one I chose for myself. It is a title given to me by the spirits and the Gods and Goddesses. A mantle presented to me by one of my Gurus (Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasj) on another plane of
existence during an After-Death/ Out of Body experience.

In 1983 I died (wasn't the first time I had died in this life - I had died three times before ... electrocuted when 12; drowned at 17; drug/ heroin overdose at 20) after a horrific bike accident. I died as a result of the bike accident and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. I came back, in the morgue and after discovery, was rushed to the Emergency Operation Theatre, where I died again. Revived (with paddles) I was taken to intensive care where I died again.

These out of body experiences/ life after death experiences were like dreams. Very intense and vibrant and visual dreams, Real. It was like existing in another plane of existence. Another world; place; time. Like "Crossing Over" (as John Edwards called the otherside) to another dimensional place that I will call what the Celts refer to as the Otherworld(s).

The first 'experience' which I had previously referred to as the tunnel was "freaky" I sensed people/ apparitions walking passed me ... both going back towards where I had come from and also towards where I was heading. Some where seemingly in a hurry to get where they were going ... I, on the other hand, was dawdling ... I was taking everything in ... not wanting to go and not really wanting to stay and unsure whether or not to turn back. Suddenly, a familial friend's face appeared before me. His name was 'Rupee" (a Tongan living in Australia who I worked with) who died in a car accident three weeks before. He said: "MiC, it ain't your turn ... go back!" I was instantly in the operating room hovering over my own body, looking down as the doctors applied the paddles. I was back (yet still in a bad way).

The second experience was even more weird. I found myself in a completely 'white' room. Sitting on a 'white' chair. There was another person in the room. A woman. She sat there on another chair and just stared at me. We did not converse. Suddenly, a man in a long white robe appeared. He actually just walked through the wall into the room. He had long white hair and a long white beard. His skin was tannished in appearance. He stood there and gestured to me. This was Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasj. He did not speak audibly but I could hear him in my head. He said to me:.

"You are the Wayfinder. You are he who is meant to help others find the paths that they are to follow. You are the torch in the dark. You are there to help others walk the path that they fear most and show them the way to start there journeys. Do not preach to them. Accept them and their beliefs with the uniqueness that THEY are because they are ONE with YOU as I am ONE with YOU. Go for you are to serve."

That was the awakening of my gifts but not the start of my Spiritual Journey.

I realise now that the Woman in that White Room was also, Me, and I could of chosen then and there to come back in that form and start the transistioning that I so desired earlier imy life.

Allow me to explain, which will become more apparent as you read my story.

In my youth I lived a very Bohemian Lifestyle in Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross in New South Wales, Australia. I frequented Oxford Street, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross. I was a Cross-dresser with plans to Transgender. Besides female partners, I had many Transsexual Lovers and the occassional boyfriend.

I moved back to my parents home in the late 80s to help with family issues but I kept this aspect of my life concealed. Late one night, I got drunk and stoned, returned home and as my Sisters were not home raided their wardrobes and make-up and got dressed up as a woman. I was discovered the next morning passed out on my bed by my Mother and younger sister.

My Mother (Irish Catholic) who had passed away in 1993 then, swore me to secrecy, after we had a long talk about my desire to Transistion. She requested NOT to tell my father and as I was the only boy in the family it was my duty to produce heirs to carry on the family name etc.

Since that day, I have had many failed relationships with women and have been extremely unhappy. I have been married once and have lived in two defacto relationships. I have sired a 30 year old daughter (who still is unsure if I am herr real father but knows that I am Transgendering), a 28 year old son (who does not know and because of his fundamental Baptist beliefs may disown me like his younger brother has), a 25 year old son (who knows and has seemingly disowned me) and two little ones from my last relationship, a girl aged 9 and a boy aged 7 (who has high level Autism - Aspergers) and both know that I am becoming a woman as I live as a woman since separating from their mother, who by the way is my best friend.

At Fifteen (15) I left home and went and lived in an Artist Commune in Chippendale (Redfern) and lived an alternative life style. One of the people (out of the artists, musicians and occultists I knew) who had a very notable influence on me during my youth was Rosalind Norton (Roie). She inspired me to look beyond the socially acceptable and question what is normal in society.
Rosalind Norton was not Wiccan and never considered herself to be a Witch although she was dubbed by the Media as the "Witch of Kings Cross". She allowed this however, for notoriety and publicity sake. Rosalind Norton was an Occultists. Rosalind Norton initiated me(I will go into no detail). I was her toy boy and acolyte and I will say no more about this other than, I still have one of the books she gave me.

Two other people I knew at that time who had some influence on me was Carlotta and Madam Lash.

There has been a great many people who have had an influence on me. Too many to name. I was fortunate to have been taken under the wing of some notable and even notorious people during my youth. As a young musician, I played in bands as a member of ,or a session musician
with, Dingo, Lunar Sea, Gold Rush, Radio Birdman, as well having worked as a roadie for Billy Thorpe and the Azetcs, Brian Cadd, Stevie Wright, Richard Clapton, my good friend Barry Leef and several others.

As musicians have a tendancy to associate with other musicians (mostly at the good ole "Muso's Club" in Surrey Hills or across the road at the Celtic Club or The Paradise at Kings Cross) I remember getting drunk or stoned with Billy Thorpe, Brian Mannix, Ted Mulry, Lobby Lloyd, Jon English and Doug Parkinson (the last two gentlemen I considered friends at the time ... Jon even dated my sister for a while). I even recall getting drunk with Lou Reed when he toured
Australia at the Beef, Steak and Bourban in Kings Cross. I could also lists the Journalists, Cartoonists and Artists I have known but the list would be endless Most musicians and artists, especially during the early1980s, lived an alternative life style or had alternative points of view and often spirituality, especially here in Australia.

Another person, I need to mention who was a great inspiration was Athena Starwoman, who was a very close friend of mine and I was greatly sadden by her untimely passing and I miss her dearly.

In my youth I was a seeker. Very early upon leaving home I joined the "Orange People" and was a follower of Osho for a time. However, the bizarre sexual rites, use of hallucigence and other rituals became a little unnerving and even taxing. I recall meeting Rosalind Norton
around this time as well and it was largely due to her influence that I began to research S.L. Macgregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley Although drawn to occultism, I did not readily appreciate or even accept Paganism or even Wicca as a path and I would say, that due to
my own insecurities and real non-understanding of Christianity as well as my deep love of the mysterious that I readily embraced Gnosticism and later AMORC in 1980.

In 1975 I fathered a child and lived a musician lifestyle in Surry Hills with the Mother of my daughter, who was introduced to me by Rosalind. I was 19, she only 15. Tragedy struck with the death of my daughter which sent me into a spiral of drug and alcohol abuse and caused me to dabble in Satanism for a while. I was a member of a Satanic Coven in Kings Cross. I was initiated to second degree by my HP Marcel Luis Zmak. Of this period of time I will write not and
share no secrets. Rosalind disapproved. Needless to say we drifted and my daughter's mother left me as well.

To escape this maddening life style I knew I had to get away. It was late in 1978, I traveled to Bali where I converted to Buddhism and after six months of residing in that place which I considered paradise, I returned happily to Australia to persue my artistic and musical career with greater fervour. I also, learned about Roie's death when I returned and was greatly saddened.

I've lived in chronological order: Chippendale (Redfern), Darlinghurst, Kings Cross, Surrey Hills, Elizabeth Bay, Surrey Hills (again) and Ultimo during my youth . Needless to say the cosmopolitian culture of living in areas around the City of Sydney had a large influence on my
viewpoint. and the pain, sorrow and tragedy that I had experienced in my youth really had an impact of my general out-look.

In 1980s I moved to Canada and lived there for a year and a half. I was whilst living there that I (as stated above) readily embraced Gnosticism and AMORC and began studying metaphysics amd philosophy and in the Summer of 1980 that I found myself in the audience of a new
television program called "The Nature of Things with David Suzuki". Even then, I was inspired by the great man and included him in my list of mentors. It was also, around this time that I was fortunate to meet in person another great man, Mr. Joseph S. Campbell. These are the men
who actually inspired me to greater thought. I attended as many lectures of these two giants. I felt the mysteries of the Universe unfolding and read as much as I could and pushed myself to learn as
much as I could. Whilst, in Canada I also became involved with The High Church of Aquarius, a spiritual association and before my return to Australia was ordained as a Minister.

Returning home to Sydney and between 1982 and 1983, I did a bit of traveling around Australia. Western Australia and Tasmania are the only two states I have never been too.

After, my bike accident in 1983 and several life after death experiences I returned briefly to the Christian church until late 1984 when I found the dogma and doctrine of Christianity unfulfiling.

From 1984 -1992 I flirted with Hinduism and even for a period of time Sai Baba. My Guru at the time, Ellen Weston, who was Sai Baba's representative in Australia, taught me Reiki, Hypnotic Regression and Kundalini Meditation. It was through Ellen and her association with Margaret and Cassandra (I will not reveal their last names) that I became a member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers but also, the Australian Spiritualist Association. In 1989, I was ordained as a
Spiritualist Minister.

Also, between 1986 -1989, I father two sons and was in a committed relationship. The boys mother and I separated in 1992, and the mother and I, deciding to part amicably, split the boys up. The youngest went with his mother (who ended up for a time living with me now) when she moved back to Melbourne and the oldest stayed living with me in Sydney. I eventually ended up with the two sons. Her youngest daughter I believe is my child.

At the time, I felt a trifle hurt and lost and decided go back to the Christian church for a time (I was raised Anglican although never christened because my Mother was Catholic and really wanted her children raised Catholic) ... in truth if it was at all possible to be 'excommunicated' from the Anglican church ... I was. My 6 year old son (then) was not allowed to return to Sunday school, I was prevented from volunteering my services as a Youth Worker in the Anglican youth
centre, I was sacked from working as a contributing illustrator and press artist at "FreeXpression" magazine which was owned and managed by a member of the congregation and all because after a Sunday sermon and at afternoon tea in the Church hall when introduced to the
heirachy of the congregation, I was asked my 'own' belief ... and said that I did not believe that Jesus was the son of God and that the bible was a sexist book as there was no gospel according to Martha or Mary ... Imagine the looks of horror on the faces of the congregation..... nice knowing you... goodbye... now..... quickly!

In 1995 and once more returning to Buddhism and combined it my other learnings, I established a spiritual group operating as a home church. I dispersed it prior to moving to America.

It was at this time also, I discovered the old DOS bulletin boards and later the internet. I meet and chatted with some very important, if not famous people. Again, to list them all here would take up a great deal of room. Many of them, I still chat to occassionally on-line and many of them are on my friends lists in my Facebook or PaganSpace or MySpace profiles and many of them, are well known in the International Global Pagan community. To them, I do not need to prove myself.

In January 1997, three days after my birthday my beloved Mother died during a operation at Liverpool hospital to prepare her for Kidney dialysis. My father, my son and I were devastated. and as the only son of my father and my father was in total despair and shock, I was relied on to identify the body in police presence, make funeral arrangements and the "Wake" arrangements, attend the Coroner's Inquest and act as executor to my mother's estate.

As a result of acting as her executor, I had to travel to Ireland to get her estate in order. I left my son in my father's care for six months and it was during my time in Ireland that I found my roots and my ancestry. I experienced a Druid gathering and found Celtic traditions which I embraced whole heartedly.

Upon my return to Australia, I decided to involve myself in the then fledgeling Pagan Community and it was during this time also, that I met my American wife on the internet. After a brief internet courtship, I moved my son and myself to the USA and became involved
with EMF and a lady know as The Little White Flower. Here also, I was one of the first to become an ordained Minister of ULC and when I was ordained you didn't have to pay for your ceriticate.

Of course the romance did not fair well, and my wife withdrew her sponsorship. This is a part of my life I would rather not discuss on-line.

Upon my return to Australia in late 2001, I re-established my spiritual community as a Coven. I continued it online for a while when I moved to South Australia but members got busy with their own lives and it evolved into what is currently The Temple of the Ancient Ways.

Between 2004 -2006, I was a member and Shaman of a Asatru community run by a man I once held in the highest esteem. Since then, I have concentrated on my personal and own community building.

I have had many premonitions and I have access to the Akashic Records. Since my accident (and resulting head injuries) in 1983, I have found myself with many gifts. I see small as well as big events. My real first premonition was in 1985 in Sydney on the way to my favorite watering hole. A mother with a small boy, perhaps five or six. She had trouble keeping the young fella under control. He was running ahead of her. I was five or six feet behind them. I had a vision of a truck
coming down a street two streets away from my pub and the young lad stepping out in front of it. I strolled hastily past her and grabbed the boy just before he did so. I handed him over to his mother and continued on my way. Two of the locals witnessed it from the pub window. The woman followed me into the pub and sobbing thanked me. I felt embarrassed but I was glad the young boy was not killed.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can not prevent something which is meant to happen. If we do attempt to, people look at us as if we have three heads and either scoff, start making arrangements for us to be locked up or ignore our pleads.

I dreamt about the large earthquake in India which killed thousands, two days before it happened. Who was I going to tell?

I dreamt about the Thredbo Disaster (An avanlache/ mud slide in Thedbo Ski Resort in NSW, Australia) which killed a great many people. I told my son and father three days before about the dream. Who else was I to tell?

I saw in a dream, a month before the incident, the planes crashing into the twin towers. Who would have believed me? Especially as I was locked in a jail in Mancester, New Hampshire awaiting deportation for being an illegal alien. How could I prevented all those deaths? I was
however, forewarned. I was due to be deported on September the 11th ... but because a CO (Correctional Officer)pushed me down a flight of metal stairs which resulted in my right arm and wrist being broken/ smashed, the Australian Government got me out a week and a half early.
I still have the airplane ticket of the plane I was meant to fly out on- Flight AA11 - Boston to Los Angelos.

Most recently, I predicted months in advance the Global Financial Crisis although I thought my prediction had to do with the Large Haddon Compactor as I saw millions of lives put into crisis but can now see in hind-sight that the worldwide financial chaos has had much more of a disastrous impact on the World and more so than the planet just blowing up.

During mymany years this time on earth (I am 3670 years old if I count all my past-lives), I have worked as a copyboy, cadet journalist, cadet artist, graphic-designer, musician, jockey, bagman, personal minder, bouncer, press artist, cartoonist, illustrator, teacher, laborer, storeman, jackaroo, Art Director, Warehouse Manager, Office Manager, web designer, Community artist, Advocate, political animal, Justice of the Peace, Youth Worker and a Social Worker and most recently a Dominatrix.

I have sat in corroberee with David Gulpilil. Gone Walk-About with Barnum Barnum. Sat at the feet of David Suzuki and Joseph S. Campbell. I have shaken the hand of Oberon Zell Ravenheart at a pagan gathering in America. Rubbed shoulders with Abe Saffron. Been arrested and
beaten up by Bumper Farrell (Detective Sargeant). Had a sexual encounter with a well know Aussie actress in Norman Lindsay's garden. Got stone and pissed with Lou Reed. Got drunk with Brett Whiteley. Attended dinner parties with Mark Day, Ita Buttrose, Graham Kennedy
and Steve Vizard. Played pool with Peter and Spike Milligan. Been served beer at the Dophin Hotel by Bill Hunter. Hung with Iva Davis and his band in the Hopetown Hotel. Danced an Irish Jig with Loreena McKennit. Been the toy boy of Rosalind Norton.

There is much. much more but I will am not prepared to reveal it in any online forum and if you truly desire to view my credentials and listen to the stories of my life you can organise a time to come and have a beer or a coffee or mead at my home.

My interests and life have always been Alternative and I have lived a very wonderful, adventurous and interesting life and wouldn't change any of it.

Believe my story and take my word if you so desire. I really don't have to prove anything to anyone. I know who I am and I know what I have experienced. I know what is Truth.

Life is good. Take control of your Life. Don't be an Atomatron, Borg or a Lemming. Don't let Life Control You. Sing, Dance and Be Happy.



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