Dear Aunt Agatha

My goldfish keep dying and I was wondering if I am under a curse? What can I do about it?

CancerGirl 38

Blessed Broomsticks CancerGirl,

Question…. DID you feed them? Did you clean out their tank? If so HOW often did you do it? Did you remember to put tap water softner in it? Did you clean out the filter? Was the water COLD for cold water fish, and WARM for warm water fish, or salt water for salt water fish. If answer to all of those is yes and often, then MAYBE. Or maybe not. Who knows. Fish are fickle creatures. Some die for no reason!

I personally don’t feel your under a curse just cose your fish keep dying. If there where multiple things going wrong constantly in your life, in all area’s not just FISH, then I would lean more towards yes.

So.. what can you do about it? GET A RABBIT!

Dear Aunt Agatha

I had my cards read by a Psychic when I was 18 and she told me I would have six kids... I am now 40 and haven't had any yet... was she wrong?

Worried 40

Blessed Broomsticks Worried.

First of all, Just cose a psychic told you this, doesn’t mean it WILL happen. We are the masters of our own destiny. We choose what happens to us, we are in control of our lives. We shape our future. Some things are our of our control and happen for a reason. But if you do not enable things in your life for these situations and things to happen, then they wont.

First off, are you OFF your contraceptives? Have you had sexual relations with the opposite sex in order to get pregnant.

Once pregnant, if you where able to do so, Did you keep it?

Have you had your fertility checked.

There are many variables as to why you don’t have children yet. But I wouldn’t say she is wrong Yet.

There is still time JUST … go get your fertility checked. It might be a case of, you need IVF, and might end up with quads or triplets and then if you go for a second round might end up with twins or triplets again.

Don’t give up hope till there is no hope left and you are on your death bed. And then just be thankful for the life you have! And the people you have around you.

Dear Aunt Agatha

If my dish ran away with my spoon and our dog is laughing whilst my cat fiddles does this mean I am pagan or am I doing too many drugs?

Clare Boyant 25

Blessed Broomsticks Clare,

Get off the drugs! If you ever want to gain peoples respect and want people to take you seriously, straighten yourself up and stop being reckless with your life. Questions like this are just ridiculous. You insult me with stupidity.

When you want to ask a real question, where I can answer you honestly and give you some insight, feel free to contact me again, but until then clean up your act and get off the drugs!

Dear Aunt Agatha

I have a crush on my teacher and I want him to notice me. Should I dye my hair or get a tattoo? Or get a boob job? Or all three?

Tortured 22

Blessed Broomsticks Tortured,

Your 22!! Grow up!

You SHOULD know by now, that for starters, trying to get your teacher to notice you is WRONG.. and WHY at 22 are you still in school??

If you are going to do anything, to get his attention, then I would say maybe get a nice hair cut and dye your hair, but DO NOT get a tattoo or boob job, that is just ridiculous. You don’t do those things for OTHER people. That is the kind of thing you only do FOR YOURSELF. They are very personal things to do and, is, life changing, and you don’t just go and do them to IMPRESS someone or to try and get their attention… that is just immature and stupid.

Have you tried, brushing your teeth, wearing deodorant, plucking your eye brows, putting on a bit of make up, wearing a nice outfit that doesn’t make you look like a total whore, and having a intellectual conversation with him? This is all bearing in mind that you are female, as you didn’t mention your gender, I am just assuming you are, as you said “should I get a boob job?”.

If you are male. Well.. make sure he is gay first! I wouldn’t recommend any of the advice I just gave except, shower, wear deodorant, brush your teeth and have an intellectual conversation with him.

But in all honest, regardless of if you are female or male. You’re only setting yourself up for a fall. At the end of the day it will only end in heart break!

But crushes are crushes, and you must learn from your mistakes, to be able to grow as a person.

Good luck

Dear Aunt Agatha

My Mormon mother married a Buddhist (not my father) and then, divorced him and remarried a Catholic who died (not my father) and recently married a Moslem (not my father). After all these inter-faith marriages and recently discovering that my real father is a Asatru, I kind of not sure what I am please help. What am I?

Confused 17

Blessed Broomsticks Confused

You are what you want to be. You are what you feel you are inside.

You have to sit down and get in touch with your inner self and really decide what is true to your heart and your head.

We can all have people persuading us to go one certain way or another way, but at the end of the day, you have to be true to your self and honest with your self, and go with what you truly believe in your heart in your head.

Do you believe in the elements and the forces of nature, do you believe that there is more then one god/dess?

Have you read lots of material on the different belief systems? Do they sit right with you, do you believe in what they are telling you?

You need to do lots of reading and researching and at the end of the day ITS IS ONLY YOU who you have to please and be honest with yourself.

Do some research and truly find out for yourself.

Dear Aunt Agatha

My mum is getting old and I am worried she is going to die before I get married in 2010. Will she?

Engaged 28

Blessed Broomsticks Engaged,

I don’t honestly know if your mum will die before 2010, when its her time, its her time. But if you are truly worried, then do the smart thing and bring your wedding forward.

If you cant afford to do all the fancy stuff and go the whole hog first off, then do a small quiet ceremony that she can be part of, so that she was there for you on your wedding day. Maybe with a celebrant in a garden, or even just at the registry office, and still go ahead with your plans in 2010, and if she does happen to past before then, at least you know that she was there to witness you getting married. You might be surprised, she might hang in there for the BIG wedding, with all the bells and whistles, But at least you have had a fail safe.

But if you really are worried, then do something about it!

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