Dear Aunt Agatha

My mum doesn't like my boyfriend and is really rude to him at every opportunity. It isn't all his fault either as no one told him that it was inappropriate to come to the family halloween party as a witch with the green face and wart. He also couldn't have known that referring to her as "me ol' mum" would offend her. Now he wants to propose but is too scared of what my dad will say having made a remark the other day that he thought the "Old Geeza was dead" cos he had never seen him at family gatherings. What do I do? I can't ask my sister because she hasn't forgiven him for telling her of a "great diet " his sister had gone on that had helped her lose "that unneccessary baggage" and if my brother sees him he is threatening to deck him for hitting on his wife. How can I fix this so we can get married? I really want to have kids with this guy and time is ticking.

Frustrated 21

Blessed Broomsticks Frustrated,

well... what a delema you seem to have yourself in.
if you want the honest truth.

Do you REALLY want to marry someone who has a total lack of respect and tact. Think about it honestly.
I dont see you with him.. i dont see him as your match. I see him as a total dick wad and mistake that you will regret down the path. dont rush into marriage, your only 21, you have your whole life ahead of you.
Do you really want to left bare foot and knocked up with a toddler by your side, sitting at home, while he is down the pub with his mates, hitting on the town floosie because if you choose to marry him, that is the predicament you will find yourself in .. in the next few years, 'cause to be honest, if he doesnt give a flying rats arse now about what your family, think, he aint gonna care even more so when your married! Cause NOW in the courting period of a relationship, is when he should be THE MOST respectful and curtious to your family, and if he cant manage to do this NOW.. what the heck do you think he is gonna be like once he is married to you and doesnt have to worry about what the family thinks about him anymore.
Dont do it to yourself.

I see a lovely gentleman, full of respect towards your family that they will just adore, and who is very dedicated to the family unit, just down the track a little just gotta have some patience.

Leave this idiot now or just have a bit of FUN with him now and when mr right comes along, say SEE YA, dont wanna be ya, and kick his sorry arse to the curb and dont make the same mistake most girls make, wanting to marry their first love or the first guy who actually asks, just cose you have that maternal instinct.. use your bloody head, that is why woman where given a bigger brain then a man!! use your common sense and take a step back into reality and see where this path is taking you.

If your family is already on the path, you SHOULD have more intuitive powers which you are obviously LACKING in using right now.

Take a step back, consult your cards, meditate on it and be honest with yourself
ditch the looser


Dear Aunt Agatha,

My pet goat has started acting a little superior of late. It is as if He is attempting to get amessage to me. Is he the manifestion of the Master and is he attempting to tell me to follow the left hand path?

Potential Devil Worshipper, 20

Blessed Broomsticks PDW.

To be totally honest, i dont think your goat is trying to tell you n e thing, i think your are looking in all the wrong places for signs.

i think that your goat is just a goat.

Also, what master are you referring to? if you have had a teacher or mentor in the past, maybe you should go back over their teachings and really think about what it is you want.
you need to meditate on it.

dont go talking to your goat. ITS JUST A GOAT.

any path you follow has to be your choice, and informed decisions are the best.

Aunt agatha

Dear Aunt Agatha,

What would I get if I mixed Nettle, Valerium and MugWart together? A friend of mine told me that Mug Wart is a muscle relaxant and slows the heart and that valerium is a natural sedative. She told me that a friend of hers had a allergic reaction and turn a rag doll? I don't think I would like to be Paris Hilton.

Britney, 26

Blessed Broomsticks Britney,

Try it!!

If all else fails you will have a good night sleep!!

Iam not a doctor, witchdoctor, herbalist or alchemist or chemist.

If your friend tried it and was fine, and you know you are not allergic to n e thing try it live a little its not like it will kill you
UNLESS you are allergic to it!

Mugwart is something that help aids astral projecting, so if you cant do it on your own, have a bit and see if works for you, worst comes to worst besides a reaction, it will help aid with stomache digestion problems!

and who is to day that paris hilton doesnt have fun!

Dear Aunt Agatha

I Dont know if you can help me but I have lost something that was given to me by my grandfather and it is really important to me. I have searched the whole house and just can't locate it anywhere. Do you know where it could be? Can you help?

Misplaced 18

Blessed Broomsticks Misplaced

CHECK THE FREEZER! And try dusting your grandfather's urn occassionally, his ashes might think relatives are visiting.


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