Halloween At HQ - Adelaide


The Contessa

Pirates, wenches and witches abounded with a smattering of famous people. There was much black vinyl on display and many chains ... the odd pair of handcuffs being used as well. This was not a BDSM gathering however … more the pity. I probably would have enjoyed that! This was a Halloween party, Australian style or should I say lack any style

The theme was definitely Halloween with the bar staff in costume and in each of the areas there was a ghoul/ dead theme... and DEAD is right!

The entire event lacked ENERGY!

The music left a lot to be desired, or rather the person in charge of the music needed to learn to put the selection together much better. Rhythm and beat would just start to come together then the music would change to a very different beat... I definitely could have done better.

There were some interesting people there. The ones who were themselves, and those who were totally out of their depths in the costume persona they adopted for the evening.

There was very little in the way of any males worth my time (wink, wink) and NO sexual energy to feed upon. There were some women who were interesting and may have been worthwhile pursuing had they not been so drunk or with a very jealous female companion, one who would not have shared... pity ... some fun would have been there. I learnt a lot about them last night, and there is potential

My companion and friend Cassaruna and I were greatly disappointed and in hindsight perhaps I should have attended the Green's Halloween party instead … then again, perhaps not!

Why do we celebrate Halloween in Australia anyway … especially around our Beltane time? What real meaning does Halloween have for us Southern Hemisphere WITCHES?

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