The Druid's Dreaming Festival Event 2009



Louise O'Brien Lee-Price

The week leading up to The Druid's Dreaming Festival 2009 was very hot and the extreme Fire risk required a change in venue for the Music Festival to go ahead. Recent Legislation changes after the horrific Victorian Bush Fires gave local council the power to shut down any event they felt was a risk. The picturesque surrounds and native vegetation at the original venue made for a perfect recipe for disaster. Last minute arrangements were made and an excellent venue at Ashton was found. This worked well in the heat and provided shelter for the artists and attendees.

A small, dedicated crowd gathered, others were kept away in part by the heat and the last minute venue change. A dedicated crowd from Melbourne drove over and a number of other guests from Interstate were in attendence. Our headline act “Damh the Bard” had arrived from the UK a couple of days earlier. Delicious Aussie Cider was served cold and yummy food was served hot. Sausages and Cider made for happy tummys and the great music led to a mellow mood enhanced by the extreme outside temperatures.

The music was live, loud and varied ranging from the beautiful songs of the land by Angaston resident Vyvyan Ogma Wyverne, lyrical ballads by local Jamie McPherson, Melbourne duo RavenWolf, Hard metal by Local band Burn'Collect, Sensual Rock by Wendy Rule and original folk tunes by Dave Smith "Damh the Bard".

Damh the Bard has agreed to become the Patron of this Festival event and plans are underway to bring him back for the event as well as the English Ale in 2012.

We look forward to the event this year and hope those who missed out can join us in 2010.

The Music Festival has undergone a change of name and is now known as the Sheoak Earth Music Festival 2010 (The Druid's Dreaming 2010) ... plans are underway and will be formalised in the coming months but stay tuned to the newsletter for updates.

You can check out the Cosmic Cauldron Radio Youtube for some videos of the day or catch some of the amazing artists at upcoming gigs which, you can find through their Myspace profiles on The Cosmic Cauldron Media Network Newsletter & Website.


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