A COMPETITION FROM High Priestess Frances

Competition - Win a Free Book

* Please be aware this competition is only open for AUstralian Residents ONLY

Greetings All

Now that I have gotten your attention, I have decided to run a bit of
a competition.

I have a spare copy of "Deepening Witchcraft: Advancing Skills &
Knowledge" by Grey Cat that I will offer up at the ultimate prize
(with me covering the cost of posting the book) ... but wait, there
is more ....

Your contribution to be published in my upcoming book on the
Sabbats (fingers crossed, touch wood that I will finish it) ...

I am looking for contributions about the Sabbats - your favourite
Sabbat, what a particular Sabbat means to you where you live, how you
acknowledge it, etc ...

The contribution can be:
an original ritual
an essay (limit to about 1000 words)

original artwork

For essays/rituals etc, you will need to list your references (books,
web sites etc).

I am looking for PERSONAL connections - and if you feel you do things
a tad differently, all the better :)

If the standard is high, subsequent runners-up may also be asked if
they would like to see their contribution in the book.

Competition end: 31 December 2008 with winner announced around
Lughnasdh (31 January 2009).

More details will be placed on the Temple of the Dark Moon's web site
shortly - http://www.templedarkmoon.com

About the book
"Deepening Witchcraft: Advancing Skills & Knowledge" by Grey Cat:
Publisher: Ecw Press (April 1, 2002)
320 pages
This book focuses on the needs of leaders in witchcraft, Wicca, and
paganism, this guide provides valuable advanced knowledge for well-
informed practitioners. Ancient and modern pagan history, pagan
beliefs and concepts of deity, and the sources of modern Wicca are
discussed. Provided are solutions to the practical problems a Pagan
leader may encounter in situations such as teaching, designing public
rituals, and practicing advanced magic. The effects of community
relations and ethical considerations on the health and growth of
paganism are explored, and suggested structures, forms, and
checklists are included.

Any queries, simply contact me.

BB - Frances

PS - I do apologise for those wishing to win steak knives :)

email: darkmoon@ace.net.au
phone: Frances 0401 788 790
web: www.templedarkmoon.com

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