The Perils and Pitfalls of Pagan Relocations


… * I just moved house and somehow I survived * …

There are many people who hate moving house so I can guess I am not alone on that front, however there are some unique issues that arise for pagans that can cause that little bit of additional stress.

Do we pack up the stone circle and take it? How in Hades do we move it? And where do we put it in the new house and why do we need to hire a trailer to move rocks as well …?

And goodness me you don't want to have help do you? Is this dead birds wing rubbish? What on earth do you do with the kangaroo skull? How many dead candle bits do you really need to keep? What? Another twig? Oh… I just shoved all the herbs in the kitchen box were they meant to be separate…. And what kind of recipe do you use belladonna in??? I think by the way that was the jar the label fell off? Oops!

And then there is the oak tree in the terracotta pot … the fire pit … the lavender, rosemary, oregano etc … the statues … fairies. Dwarves, hanging things and flares … the water storage and solar lights because we are environmentally conscious …and the massive climbing rose that is a memorial to my birth place and my grandma

Or is it just like that for me????? I am Cancerian after all???? Everyone around me ACTS like it is just me, and man do I ever know I have tooooo much junk!!!!!!!!!!

But I freely admit to being a hoarder and I know that many things I have make absolutely no sense to anyone but me…. I have always been like this however as I have got older I have got a little more careful about what I keep … not that it makes any sense to most people still … that's why I pack up my altar myself… then I don't have to explain why I have the first egg my pet budgie laid or the burnt bit of wood or the piece of bone or the numerous feathers or why the bottom of my altar smells like rose oil….

Then there are my more mundane collections and my vast dragonfly collection and the fact that one child might have lots of stuff but six need a removal truck between themselves alone!! And man the masses of stuffed toys!!!!!

So while packing up scores of teddies and buying all the garbage bags in the store … I really like the new Force Flex by the way … and pilfering countless boxes from another local supermarket … and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

We get sick … all of us! Viral nasty bug knocked us all around.

So back to boxes and vans and budgeting and moving and way too many hours wasted on hold on the phone trying to transfer utilities … A feat that should be easy but that's a whole separate article...

And the true Pagan dilemma???? What do I with all the books? My mother, bless her heart suggested I get rid of some … ARGH!!!!!! What? No that's not what you do with books!!!!! You collect them, painstakingly; over years … you don't give them away!

Or is that just me too??

So now we have settled in and we left the stones at the old place … much to The Wayfinder's dismay … and we set up all the books and unpacked some boxes and set up the altars and planted some new plants and found homes for the fairies we still waiting for the internet and a decent phone line

I just have to sort out my materials… problem with being a fashion designer is I also collect fabrics' … sooooooo much fabric what was I thinking???

Note to self: stay out of Spotlight unless it is an emergency!!!

Ha like that will happen!

So somehow the Cosmic Dragonfly survived the move even if a little bit more psychotic as a result "them's the breaks"… Next month she will be back with more advice and strategies for Pagan Parents raising Pagan children in a Postmodern, Globalised world. So tune in and if you have any questions for me please consider joining my Pagan Parenting group on Yahoo!



How precious is the bunch of flowers picked by little hands for mummy?

Plants help us mark the passing of the Seasons… now have petunias and daisies growing in our front yard… a clear sign that spring is here. The camelia bush is flourishing and the days get warmer. Now we have moved in to daylight saving time.

How to put together a child's altar

First each child is completely unique and therefore every child's needs are unique

Purchase, salvage or build a small piece of furniture preferably with inbuilt storage space.

Provide them with a number of pieces of coloured material to use as altar cloths, scarves work well.

Help them find a centerpiece, motif, theme or some focus item
Allow them to collect their own odd bits and pieces as is uniquely important to them while ensuring they understand that the things need to be "important"
Have a special place for their altar…. My older children have theirs in their wardrobes while my younger daughter's is in the library…

Then let them be and smile no matter what they bring to put on it … Ask questions… remain supportive and embrace their expanding experiences.

It is one of the joys of parenting Pagan children ….My daughter for example loves bones … on a recent camping trip she found some kangaroo skeletons and chose some special pieces ...One son loves shells and rocks while another loves feathers …

Just remember they are unique, inquisitive and creative beings and enjoy the ride.