A Message from The Druid Network

The aim of The Druid Network is to act as a sacred gathering ground for those interested in Druidry, as an ancient and a modern spiritual tradition. Rooted deeply within British and European heritage, Druidry has evolved naturally over millennia, at times receding then re-emerging, always adapting with the dynamic that is the relationship between the people and the land. As we face the challenges of the contemporary world, the Network celebrates the continuation of this ancient tradition. Offering the opportunity for Druidry to present itself openly, it creates a forum for its philosophy, theology and practice, revealing its foundation as critically relevant to the modern age. 

The Network offers a rich blend of inspiration and information, yet not only from words presented as articles and ideas on its website; for words written can gently lose their relevance and poignancy. In the spirit of the oral tradition that lies as a foundation of our heritage, the power of The Druid Network is in the encounters it enables between individuals, making tangible the growing web that is the global community of modern Druidry.

Celebrating Druidry as an ancient yet vibrant religion of the land and ancestry, it welcomes animists, polytheists, pantheists, mythologians and more. It encourages the distinctions sourced in locality and individuality, supporting those in Britain and around the world who are reaching to understand and celebrate the power and sanctity of nature, through land, seas and skies, the ancestors and all humanity.

The Network's website is an important medium, with pages exploring theology, belief, ritual and mythology, encouraging contributions from those beginning on the path as well as respected priests, teachers and writers. Promoting personal responsibility, the website gives guidance about the environment, ethics, civil liberties and peace campaigning. The Directory lists Orders, Groves and Gorseddau around the world, while the sacred sites pages look at ancient temples, sacred monuments and places of ritual. A Bardic section presents poetry, stories and art, showing the creativity of the Druid community. The Events listings are comprehensive, and there is information on courses, workshops and teachers of Druidry. One section gives book and CD reviews, another profiles key individuals (priests, teachers, writers, musicians, academics and artists) working within or inspired by Druidry, ancient and modern. There are learning material (free of charge) that can be shared in groups or explored alone, including three comprehensive courses on different aspects of Druidry.

Encouraging the development of Druidry around the world, there are pages based in the USA, Canada and Australia, areas in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. The Welsh area is the most comprehensive Cymraeg Druid site on the internet. 

At the heart of the Network is the database of its the database of its subscribers. Easily accessible as a resource on the website (with all personal details in a password-secure area) or through the Network office, this enables every individual within the global community to share their skills, interests, teachings and specialisms in whatever way they would wish.

Within this secure Members' Area of the website, there are topic-based forums, for poignant and specific discussions. So is the tradition as a whole enriched and personal paths drawn deeper, as we do what we can do best as human beings: share our wit and wisdom freely. 

Understanding the importance of community, the Network is not just about the website. It has an ongoing remit to work with its Tree Planting and Conservation Fund, particularly through its Environmental Project Support scheme which support local projects. Its Sponsored Learning project invites small local groups to apply for Network funding to help pay for workshops and events. The Network actively works within interfaith, encouraging dialogue and shared inspiration. Its online Market Place (in construction) and 'acorns' exchange system supports creativity and ethical trade.

At the core of the Network is the Druid Order of the Yew. Open to all members of the Network, the Order acts as a witness for our personal dedication to Druidry, supporting how our beliefs are expressed through action. The Order is an organic and magical community of those who have utterly dedicated their lives to the study and the practice of this tradition of our ancestors. The Order gathers in spirit to share meditation at every Dark Moon, and as a physical community a few times a year, to share teachings and ritual.

The Network is a resource for all seeking to understand the Druid tradition, and other religions based on reverence for nature and ancestry, simple natural spirituality and ethical living. Membership is open to all who accept its Druidic principles of honour and respect. An organisation with a religious foundation, it offers its resources to members of all Druid Orders and to those who belong to none, inviting individuals to contribute to the whole. The Druid Network itself is an expression of the sacred song of the tradition, the reverence and celebration sung by the collective voices that make up this ever-growing global community of that is modern Druidry.

The founder and current Head is Emma Restall Orr. Doing the main work of the Network are Committee and a team of staff (around 60) who organise projects, events and web pages, all offering their skills and energy on a voluntary basis, working within the essential Pagan ethic of personal and community responsibility, respect and honesty, and as autonomously as is feasible. The environmental and social ethics of the Network are strong, the office using recycled products and recycling, working with an ethical bank, operating in as paperless a way as is possible. The Druid Network is a member of PEBBLE, the Public Body Liaison Committee for British Paganism.

Much of the Druid Network is available to all, but joining allows full access to the website, including the members' database, forums and digital Quarterly News. Our International Pricing Policy may look strange at first glance. Instead of translating our subscription fee into other currencies, we have adjusted the cost according to average local income and cost of living. In this way, we bring an equality and affordability to those within the Druid tradition all over the world.

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