As you can ascertain by the heading this whole Editorial is about Moi! Not so much as in an autobiography or as a means to blow my own trumpet. I have written this to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!

For some strange reason people, who don't even know me, like to go out of their way to make up stories on the Internet, particularly in Yahoo! groups or MSN forums about me, and yet others buy into the gossip, rumor mongering and accept the stories as gospel and then like a Chinese Whisper in turn spread the rumors further.

The funny thing is when I was a lad all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was famous ... not rich ... just famous and what these foolish vindictive people spreading these rumors don't realise is that they are making me INFAMOUS and in away Notoriety is fame, and the old adage comes to bare, that no publicity is BAD publicity.

Another old saying is: "If you cut me, do I not bleed?" I am human like everyone else and I have feelings and get hurt feelings like everyone else, but do you think my antagonists. protagonists and detractors care? Come on, let's be honest here, all they are ...every single one of them who has ever said something distasteful and vindictive about me, are CYBER BULLIES! They are nothing but Nasty, Hateful and Immature people who very much need to grow the F**k up!

Cyber Bullying is the biggest killer of our youth ... and one doesn't have to look far to see who the young Cyber Bullies are modelling themselves after. It is more than like their parent, an older relation or an adult who has a twisted influence on them.

What really surprises me is that there seems to be a great many of them running around in the Pagan Community. Is that because no other cultural or spiritual community will have anything to do with them and the freedom and diversity which is present in the Alternative Spiritual Communities gives them the opportunity to hide and blend in?

You would notice that I failed to mention "Tolerance" in the above sentence ... that is because THERE IS NO REAL TOLERANCE with in the Pagan Community. Many (not all) within the community spend most of their free time verbally bashing and harranging Christians or Moslems and when they haven't got them to pick on they set their sights on someone or a group within their own community to bully.

We have so many alternative, different paths under the umbrella of the label Paganism that we have communities which practice one particular path trying to tell another community that their way is the wrong way and 'our' path is the right way. Tolerance? BAH!

Society is becoming a Cesspit ... whether we are Christian, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus or Pagans a large majority of the community fein Tolerance and Patience for each other but what we don't have is COMPASSION for our fellow human beings. There are however, a few that actually give a shit.

Which is the MAJOR point I am getting to. I have a social disorder and disability called ASPERGER'S but I am not my disability, The real "Rainman", Raymond said in a recent documentary: "Just because I have a disability doesn't make me Different! We are ALL Different!"

I realise that having a disability is no excuse for Rudeness on my part but in all fairness, I am never the one who starts the nastiness and I have a right to defend myself. Although, many don't believe that and instead treat me if I am sub-human. These are the people who have no respect for someone , anyone with disabilities anyway.

Like anyone else, I do care what people think of me and if people wish to continue to spread nasty rumors about me, then there is nothing I can do to stop them and I might as well just ignore them and continue on about my life and business.

BUT what I don't appreciate and I believe is grossly unfair, unethical, immoral and down right RUDE is people tarnishing associations, clubs, organisations and community groups and people I am friends and associated with with the same vindictive brush that they wish to paint me with. Again, grow the F**k up. I am not my disability and neither are these people. Judging these people and community groups etc. by there association and friendship with me is nothing more than childish and malevolent. It is totally despicable.

I am especially offended by people who paint my partner with the same brush and ostracise her for something that I may have done. How totally NASTY is that?

Guilty by Association? People who do this are no better than the Spanish Inquistition!

Below is a Disclaimer designed for this page, if you haven't taken the time to read it, it reads as follows:

"The views of the Publisher and Editor of this Newsletter are personal opinion and are no way related to, or representive of any person, group, club, association, organisation, community or temple that I may be associated with or where I hold a membership.

The Cosmic Cauldron is an INDEPENDANT publication created, owned, published and edited by me (Michael Lee-Price). It has NO association with any group, organisation, association or community. I stand by my personal right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the right to have FREEDOM of the PRESS."

Thus, said I would appreciate if my detractors, antagonists and protagonists would stop intimidating, harrassing and victimising all those who are my friends or associates and please remember if you pursue any continual vendetta on a perception that I have done you wrong when I haven't, I will use this pubication to SHAME you.

In conclusion, let me state here and now, just because I am a member of PASA Inc or any other organisation and just because I am the Co-founder and Public Officer of The Ancient Ways Incorporated, my personal political view points and out-spoken opinions and my advocacy has and should have no reflection on any of these organisations or any other such associations with which I am involved.

Out of Courtesy to all groups, communities, organisations, associations, temples, folkways and covens and all people who are my friends and associates, I hereby state that all and every opinion and view-point voiced by me is not the view-point or opinion of others.

Any FOOL who believes otherwise are doing themselves a disservice and a disservice to aforementioned associations. If you feel that you do not wish become a member of an organisation I am involved with because of a percieved belief or opinion that I am everything my detractors have led you to believe, then you are an IDIOT!

I am not PASA Inc. I am not The Ancient Ways Inc. I am not OST. I am not Disability SA. I am not my Disability.

I am ME! I am Michael Lee-Price, The Wayfinder.


As a Community Advocate, Political lobbyist and Political activist, I will continue to fight against what I perceive as injustices. My catch-cry being Honesty, Honour, Integrity, Committment and Transparency and if I ever stand for a political position (which I feel is extremely unlikely), these will be the five principles that I will hold above all else. I will continue to voice my opinion loud and long and NO ONE will silence me.

At the end of the day and to put it in a nut shell, if No one else will stand up to hold others acountable for their actions, I WILL! No one elected me to this position other than the Gods and Goddesses and I do this to honour my comittment to the Universe. I may not win accolades or friends for my stance. I have friends anyway, who see my integrity and honourable traits. When I die and at my funeral, I really don't care who turns up as I will not be there to count the heads. I suspect that there may be many present including some politicians just to make sure "the bastard is really dead" ... and when that time does arrive at least I will travel to my next destination knowing in my heart that at least I DID THE RIGHT THING!

In conclusion, stop ostricising, being rude too, acting offensively against and taking your mean vindictiveness out of Dragonfly. She may be my Carer (because of my disabilities) but she is not my Keeper and not responsible for my actions! I AM!



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