Quite recently and I mean very recently, in a certain Adelaide yahoo group, I came under fire for the construction of a music video that I created as a personal project, a Yule gift for a friend (Damh the Bard) and as a challenge. The antagonists who wrote decided it would be "fun" to attack my integrity, honesty and ethics in their attempt to cast aspersions on my reputation.

In truth, I did respond with some rather stupid statements in reply and whereas, I should of waited my usual 24 hours before responding, my knee jerk reaction only fueled the fire. Needless to say and in hind sight, I should of credited the scenes I borrowed for the music video but at the time I was in a rush to put it together to show off for my friend Damh. Must of been my Asperger trait of seeking approval.

As I foolishly wrote in the group in response:

"With all due respect, I refuse to get into a slanging match or debate
on issues which in all relevance seem little more than lets hammer the
Wayfinder. I refuse to be provoked and then in retaliation state
something which will only make me look foolish and which will then
only see me once more either booted from the group our placed on
moderation (which I believe I already am).

Regardless of what many of you may think of me ...really I am over
being offended or hurt or even caring what my detractors may think and

I live my life my way and do what I want to do and all I will say is

Which gets me to the actual point of this Editorial, which from here on in should be called and referred to as "The Wayfinder's Rants" , I AM well and truly over what people think of me. I am over being offended or having hurt feelings or even caring what people especially my detractors say or think. Being the Sheriff is a lonely job anyway, and if anyone thinks I am just going to go away or not hold people to task for their own inappropriate or illegal activity then they are well and truly wrong. Whilst I have a breath in this body, a voice and a soap box to stand on, I will continue to speak out.

I reiterate:

"I live my life my way and do what I want to do!"

Around the end of November I was invited to be a member of a Yahoo group and apparently a new organisation called (wait for it) the United Pagan Church. Okay well, I can't see how Pagans' can have a Church as it seems to me to be an oxymoron, much like being a Christian Pagan or Christian Witch ... but what the hey, we are all entitled to call or label ourselves what we wish to be known as. So complacently, I decided to join the group and hang out for a while.

Mind you, the group I joined was the American charter of the organisation. Everything seem to be going swimmingly for a while, there was exchange of views, pleasant "spiritual" discussion and allowance of the publication of my philosophy. That was until reality set in. In a way it was my fault as I posted a message in my own unique, tongue in cheek and facetious manner ... and I assure everyone I was just being cheeky but perhaps it was a cultural clash or perhaps it was the fact that these self-ordained spiritual Reverends do not have the compassion to understand someone with my unique disability ... All of a sudden I was put on Moderation and accused of bringing NEGATIVITY to the group.

Now I accept that I was being a bit of a smart-arse but after all, this is who I am, disabilities and all and as a wiseman, I have my own idiosyncrasy and foibles and failures, after all I am human. Those who know me know I often talk or transcribe written works with double if not triple meaning and when dealing with text messages or written articles, the reader can not see the gleam in my eye or the twisted smile creasing my lips.

Perhaps, many of my messages are taken out of context as people fail to read what is really written and read what they perceive is written.

Either way imagine both my surprise and despair when the head honcho/ leader of the United Pagan Church wrote to me a somewhat "bitchy", straight forward and definitely incompassionate letter which showed a lack of tolerance or understanding. To publish the entire contents of her letter here would be irrelevant as it would take the meaning of my rant off on a tangent, however one paragraph of this letter needs to be analyzed as it is completely against my own ethos and philosophy.

She wrote:

"It is NOT all about you, Michael <snip>

Your comments are moderated because church leaders are not amenable to the only negativity we've had to contend with to date on this forum, your passive aggressive remarks. Self-aggrandizing and disruptive, your sentiments will not reach the group to make this forum a disagreeable experience for those coming in sincere purpose of ministering to the greater Pagan community in peace."

Well ... I am sorry ... it is ALL about me! It is NOT all about the United Pagan Church or the leader of this so-called organisation of self-ordained Reverends and Elders. One of my Mentors, the great Joseph S. Campbell stated: "That we are ALL the Centre of Our OWN Universe ... and we chose the people we allow into it ..."

This is a lesson I recently gave one of my boys who was pissing and moaning about no one giving him a fair go and taking advantage of him because of his disabilities. I stopped him short and asked him if he wanted to know the meaning of life (it ain't 42 by the way)? To wit, I took him into the bathroom, stood him in front of a mirror and said "There". He said: "What? Me?" and I said: "Yes! You are the only person you will never lose or leave. You are the Centre of YOUR OWN Universe and you chose the planets which revolve around YOUR Life. At the end of the day, you only answer to yourself, your conscience and your Deities."

So for someone to say to tell me: "That it is NOT all about you, Michael" is offensive. It is my life and I will not have some glorified legend in their own lunch box or some Pagan Cyber Bullies tell me any different. If people do not wish to associate with me at Gathering, or in on-line forums or groups (which by the way ARE NOT Communities as real Tribe and Community care about each other) then it is NO skin off my nose and you can all go Hang. I don't need you or want you in my life.

Joseph S. Campbell also said that we all need to follow our "Bliss" and I am ... and I am achieving great and positive things and if the multitude of detractors, antagonists, Pagan cyber bullies and people with the "Tall poppy syndrome" wish to carry on like dromedaries, let them. They are nought but a scattered number of pebbles on the beach.

It is like being a member of a Secret Society and not even knowing you are a member and then, ostracized by those who believe that they are the hierarchy of the said Secret Society because you voiced an opposing position or asked a particularly relevant question. This I find is largely what the Pagan Community is here in Australia is. It is so Secret that they have PUBLIC Gatherings but keep the location, time and price of the gathering SECRET until closer to the day of the event because they don't wish the riff-raff, undesirables, people they do not wish to mix with (who they refer to as Trolls) or the "protesters" in.

It is like being a member of an organisation and not getting anything for you membership fee other than the monthly or seasonal newsletter and then, when they hold one of their own "Secret Gatherings" and you try to find out the location and get tickets, you are told: "Sorry all available tickets are sold out!" and someone who is a friend lets you in on another Secret:

"<snip> that the reason you were refused tickets to the Beltane Festival is not because it was a "closed" or "private" affair, but because the organizers had perhaps had enough of you personally, because of your "activism", and maybe they also think you're just plain weird because of your Aspergers. "

Well ...if this was the case then I am deeply offended. They discriminated against my partner and my family because of my disability and if again, this is the case then, there may be grounds under the Discrimination Act for litigation.

All that aside, I am big enough not to be so exclusive if any of these people wish to attend the Druid's Dreaming Event in November 2009, I am willing to take your money after all and I will just ensure that my security staff and the police keep an eye on any who have come to a Spiritual and Cultural event just to make trouble.

You see it does not matter what people think of me, I am one to forgive but not forget. If some of these antagonists, detractors, pagan bullies, rumour mongers and people who listen to the rumours ever took the time to really get to know me, they will discovered what my closest friends and the large number of my OWN Community have known for quiet awhile. I am a very caring, selfless and giving person although I am mildly eccentric.

I am not "Mad" or "Psychologically Unhinged" as several of these twats have pointed out. I have evidence to the contrary and if I am "Mad" as compared to those who make these claims then, I am comfortable in my Crazy little Reality and my community of friends which rank to Seven families.

In closing, I would like to state that the United Pagan Church (USA only) of self-ordained Elders is of really little relevance to the Pagan Community at Large as they lack the tolerance, understanding and compassion of REAL Leaders.

It is largely because of these prats and other detractors that both my partner and I refuse to henceforth be labeled "Pagan". I am an Alternative Spiritualist and Aeonist and Dragonfly now calls herself an Eclectic Polytheistic Aeonist.

Now, I mean no discourtesy to anyone who knows me and with all due respect, I pay homage to all who I hold in high regards within the Pagan Community and the Community at large but we need to be real here. My life is my life. My immediate family, my friends are my tribe and clan and to them and to them only I maintain frith and kinsmenship. My door is always open for those who call me friend and a bottle of Mead and a feast of food and human kindness is always set for travelers and kinsmen alike.

Blessings for the New Year ahead.

May Your Gods and Goddesses Watch Over You and Yours

~ The Wayfinder ~

A Real Ordained Minister of Various Associations and Temples


The Dawning Of Awareness and Enlightenment

I thought I would take this opportunity to Give everyone my Blessings
for the New Year which is upon us, share some important and
interesting information from a very well known Psychic friend of mine
and give anyone some information which may be needed if so desired.

I would like to bring you some wisdom that I have know for the last
five years which has now been validated by my friends recent post in
another group I manage:

Celebrity Psychic - Lizzy Rose wrote:

"Wishing you all great happiness & best of health

Just remember ...
our times now are moving very fast
Astrologically speaking...
2008 = 4 years and 5 months
2009 = 5 years 9 months
so we are completing or achieving what it used to take 5 years
or so to do in 1 year
By 2012 we will move through 13 years in just 1 year

This I call the Awareness Age
Its time to step up become more enlightened and prepare now for the
new ... Yes we live in the NOW but we also have to prepare for TOMOROW


You can visit Lizzy Rose's Website here:


I have been attempting in my own infallible way bring Awareness and
enlightenment for over five years. The Age of Awareness - The Age of
Enlightenment is upon us. Old Hierarchies, Empires and Controlling
Bodies are destined to fail and FALL. Even here in South Australia the
present government is on the way out. After the next state election
Labour will not hold Government nor will the Liberals (as they are not
strong enough). It will be the Greens who hold power with Independents
filing in the Gaps. Bold prediction by The Wayfinder you might say ...
but look at the present Global Economical Crisis this will bring a lot
of governments to the edge and look at the new government ready to
take control in America and the present Rudd Government.

Change is in the air and I urge all to start losing their preconceived
"pagan sense" of what is real.

If you want to change the world my friends change your thinking first.


Have Been Shelved for the time being in the best interest of the WHOLE community but could be dusted off if certain people do not behave themselves


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