Come on ... Be Honest. There are those who venture to my Editorials (also known as "The Wayfinder's Rant") with trepidations and with a certain amount of fear that they have been named or defamed or dropped in it.

I bet no one expected to open up the Editorial and instead of being confronted by the usual Red Skulls and dripping blood, to be met with butterflies and a message of Positivity?

Come on ... don't lie ... this page is a complete SHOCK to you all.

During the holiday break I had time to think ...I really mean think ... here I am thought of highly by many in the international community and considered to be a Spiritual Leader. Yes, I can feel the trembles of disbelief and hear the "oh, please" murmured to the Cosmos by many of my detractors. You know what ...I don't care. Think and feel what you wish. I know that I have a multitude of friends and associates and people who think of me highly and those amongst you who would rather fester in your petty pity potties and wollow in your own malicious unforgiving nature are only doing yourself a disservices.

I have decided to take control of my life and start walking my own talk. Oh, I still have axes to grind and scores to settle and I have in my own way forgiven some nastiness but I don't forget ... I intend to sit back now and let the Universe and Karma dish-out the payment ...although, I may step out of the shadows occassionally to given them a little nudge.

You might want to consider this Editorial more as The Wayfinder's Rambling rather than Rant.

At this glorious moment in time, I have Peace of Mind. The Dieties and the Universe are very much on my side and smiling down upon me. I am in the process of fulfiling some of my childhood dreams and I am helping others to fulfil their dreams as well. The Druid's Dreaming is moving ahead in leaps and bounds and the only way of any of the detractors to bring it to a grinding hault is to INTENTIONALLY interfer with it ... and that is illegal. Intentionally interfering with business may be a Civil matter ...but where Government money is involved i.e.: funding and grants, then I believe there are Criminal actions that can be taken.

The Power of Positive Thinking is something that many self proclaimed Gurus have made millions of dollars from, teaching to the masses. All those wonderful books written and all those people making a living doing the lecture circuits through The Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals etc. proves that.

I have no time at present to pursue grudges and trade insults on unimportant Yahoo Notice boards. Stuff that. The majority of these groups and forums are controlled by small-minded, narrow-minded bigots who can't see anything past their own importance.

There are people out there that need help. There are people out there in the big wide world who need support and guidance.

Tell me where the establishment of The Ancient Ways Incorporated was not fulfiling a NEED? Tell me where The Druid's Dreaming is not fulfiling a NEED? Did I make any money out TAWI? Not one red cent. If anything, I donated over $500.00 to set it up and then gave it away to my partner and her executive committee.

Do I make any money out of this NEWSLETTER? A bit of spending money here and there ...enough to have a counter meal and a couple of beers down the local every now and then.

Will I make any money out of the poetry book I am writing and self publishing? Probably not!

Will I make any moeny out of The Druid's Dreaming? Absolutely! I am hoping against hope that it will be enough for me to walk into Centrelink (Social Security) and say rather proudly: "I don't need this pension anymore!"

I am also plaining to make a very sizable donation from this event to TAWI as well as several other charities.

So I hope everyone, including my detractors, are having a very positive experience and life at present.

I am writing a book. My Newsletter is flying. My Event looks like being a huge success and I am also the manager of two bands. At this moment in time, I am NOT making a Brass Razoo from any of it ... but do I care? No! Because in the long run, I am fulfiling my Dreams.



The Message from my Last Editorial Still Holds True

The Dawning Of Awareness and Enlightenment

I thought I would take this opportunity to Give everyone my Blessings
for the New Year which is upon us, share some important and
interesting information from a very well known Psychic friend of mine
and give anyone some information which may be needed if so desired.

I would like to bring you some wisdom that I have know for the last
five years which has now been validated by my friends recent post in
another group I manage:

Celebrity Psychic - Lizzy Rose wrote:

"Wishing you all great happiness & best of health

Just remember ...
our times now are moving very fast
Astrologically speaking...
2008 = 4 years and 5 months
2009 = 5 years 9 months
so we are completing or achieving what it used to take 5 years
or so to do in 1 year
By 2012 we will move through 13 years in just 1 year

This I call the Awareness Age
Its time to step up become more enlightened and prepare now for the
new ... Yes we live in the NOW but we also have to prepare for TOMOROW


You can visit Lizzy Rose's Website here:

I have been attempting in my own infallible way bring Awareness and
enlightenment for over five years. The Age of Awareness - The Age of
Enlightenment is upon us. Old Hierarchies, Empires and Controlling
Bodies are destined to fail and FALL. Even here in South Australia the
present government is on the way out. After the next state election
Labour will not hold Government nor will the Liberals (as they are not
strong enough). It will be the Greens who hold power with Independents
filing in the Gaps. Bold prediction by The Wayfinder you might say ...
but look at the present Global Economical Crisis this will bring a lot
of governments to the edge and look at the new government ready to
take control in America and the present Rudd Government.

Change is in the air and I urge all to start losing their preconceived
"pagan sense" of what is real.

If you want to change the world my friends change your thinking first.

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