“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

- Albert Einstein

I could rattle off Einstein's magnificent quotes until the cows come home. He was not only a brilliant scientist but one of the world's most dynamic and prolific philosophers and free-thinkers. Every one of his sayings is a majestic gem of wisdom and one cannot help but marvel at the meaning behind the words.

Besides, the aformentioned quote above, another of his quotes that I greatly favour is: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." Pure Genius.

If you have not taken the opportunity to read "The Importance of Imagination in Magick" by Gwendolyn Lewis, I urge you to read it as it will, if true to yourself, help you re-evaluate your own magical path. No less inspirating was my good friend High Priest Helel's article on Self-Examination and my own Dragonfly's article on Fostering a Healthy Imagination in Pagan Children.

Imagination is the Key to the mysterious. It unlocks the door to countless possibilities.

What good is intellect and intelligence if you have NO Imagination. I recall a Gothi I knew and associated with who stated in front of others, and even wrote whilst critiquing an article that I was writing, that he did not believe in Magic and Mysticism. I assume he believes that there is a logical reason for everything and as a follower of an ancient religion you just have to accept.

Without imagination there would be NO invention. Without imagination NO great literary, poetic or music work would be produced and the Artist would still be staring at a blank canvas.

My dear departed mother always told her children and grand-children: "whatever you put your mind to you can achieve." It is a statement often echoed by my Dragonfly's father, Gerald, whenever someone seeks out his counsel. If I am ever in earshot and hear him make this statement, I smile and walk away warmly thinking about my beloved mother.

Another great man named Martin Luther King started a historical speech with the statement: "I had a Dream ... " but what exactly is a dream? Is it only the land of make believe, myths, mysticism and illusion? No it is the World of the Imagination.

As I recently wrote in an "about" page on The NEW Cosmic Cauldron Radio site, "I was born with mild Asperger's Syndrome, but it never deterred me from learning social skills and coping mechanisms to help me sail through the rough oceans of life. I had a brain and an intellect and a deep passion and talent for everything artistic: Poetry, Art, Illustration, Music, Writing, Sculpture. Anything I put my mind to I could not only succeed at but was, modesty forbid, rather good at."

Above all this I have an Imagination and the ability to Visualise and to put ideas into Action because I have a Dream! One of my own quotes is as follows: "To be able to Create; to be creative is a BLESSING! To be able to share with others this talent is the JOYFUL PURPOSE!"

Now, some readers out there may be thinking, that The Wayfinder, has climbed on his high horse again, and patting himself on the back ... well, gee, I am damn proud of what I have achieved thus far in my life and if no-one else is prepared to pat me on the back ... well, I can do it myself. After all, this is my Editorial and my Newsletter.

The Druid's Dreaming event is another dream of mine, a concept that I have had planned many years ago and a Festival Event that WILL Happen even if it kills me. I have many imaginative ideas. I am current finetuning a Music Duo containing my Dragonfly and her daughter Butterfly Rose, and in so doing helping Butterfly Rose fulfil her dream of being a singer and actress. I currently manage the duo which has been called Witch Mob. A few years ago, I even came up with the concept of a "Viking" Opera but that was pooh-poohed by the aforementioned Gothi.

Which, brings me to a little complaint which I will mention briefly. Why is it that people love to put pins into other people's ballons? Why is it that people are so callous, malicious and vindictive that they wish to destroy other people's dreams and even life. Recently, I was informed that a few rumours have been circulated about me (nothing new there) and The Ancient Ways Incorporated and The Druid's Dreaming event. Some people have even contacted a few of the performers that I have booked for the event with unsubstantiated allegations.

As I mentioned in my own yahoo forum group:

"Information at hand has revealed the source of the detractors. Do these
detractors think that contacting my performers would not have at least one or
two of them revealing the source or even forwarding the actual email they sent
the performer to me.

Intentionally Interfering With Business is a Criminal Offense especially when
government money may be involved, as I have submitted and have an extremely good
chance of getting, various Government Funded Grants. For those who have
attempted to interfere, there could be severe legal ramifications for them.

Druid's Dreaming Will Go Ahead!

I know WHO you are and hiding behind pseudonyms like "Gemma Jamieson" will not help you, and I also know who the well-known South Australian Pagan identity who contacted one of the lead acts is as well!"

So this is to all the detractors out there ... please be careful ... as it might come back to bite you on the bum!

Now, that I have got that out of my system. What I am trying to say is don't be afraid to pursue your Dreams. Let your imagination take you to NEW Levels of Endless Possibilities. Allow your Imagination and Dreams to Soar on the Wings of Giant Eagles.

As the Brilliant Albert Einstien would say:

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”

If you want to change the world my friends change your thinking first.

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