It is with the greatest regret that I have decided NOT to publish Events lisings. If the events listing page is to reappear it will be entirely up to the contributors and organisers of events to ensure that listings are submitted on time, not after the event and prior to deadline (refer submission page).

It saddens me, but this decision was made because of the total lack of consideration of organisers, lack of participation and lateness of submissions. These listings were offered and given FREELY at no expense to the organisers of events and contributors and showed a total discourtesy to me when recieved mostly late.

Of those who submitted regularly, only Jenwich and Frances ensured that their listings where sent to me in advance. Others decided to send me listings either after deadline or as close to the deadline as could be. The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter intitially began as a hobby and a service to the community. I don't get paid to produce this Newsletter and the little "pocket money" I do get through the publishing of banner advertising is spent to enhance the publication i.e.: domain purchae.

I am NO ones patsy or bunny and the publication is a passionate hobby contructed to serve and assist the comminty.

I had one waug write me a letter saying: "Who needs your events listings anyway. We can promote our events for free through our MSN forums and Yahoo groups."

Well ... in case readers haven't heard the News, MSN have decided to CLOSE all their MSN groups as they found them to be financially unfesible and cesspits of illegal and discriminating behaviour and actives such as plagiarism, copyright infringement, stalking and cyber bullying.

There is also, a very strong rumour circulating that Yahoo may also be pulling the plug on the Yahoo groups/ forums.

The Cosmic Cauldron Newsletter, if approached, may consider having a future events page, however henceforth, any listings that appear will be FREE for non-profit organisations ONLY and/ or contributors of Articles, Artwork and Poetry. The events listing will then appear attached to the submitted contribution page, at that bottom of the page.

All major events held by other organisations, associations, covens, temples, groups etc., which are NOT non-proft and which are charging for attendance to their events and if they wish to promote events in the Cosmic Cauldron newsletter will be charge a basic cost of advertising/ promotion for the event at a rate of 10 % of the initial attendance price i.e. If you are the organisers of an event and you are charging $159.00 per person for and event then, for me to promote your event in my Newsletter you will have to pay me a one off fee of $15.00

This does not apply to organisations who run events and charge a gold coin donation.

I make NO apologies for my descision.

~ The Wayfinder ~




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