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Whilst off fishing with my ever faith companion the Doggie Lama, I was told a tale by a fair nymph of a certain self initiated and self-appointed High Priest in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). Now, not to name names but upon hearing the story, I conferred with my good canine companion and discussed whether or not it would be righteous for us to expose this charlatan?

After considering my post in Issue #2,"The Philosophy of Gossip" and the valuable lesson of the philosopher Socrates, and meditating long and hard upon this conundrum, we came to the conclusion that to protect the Pagan Community as a whole, it would be best to at least draw it to the readers attention so they can make an informed decision whether or not to have dealings with this man.

For the benifit of the seekers out there and to ensure that they are not lured into this High Priest's clutches it is best that this information is revealed.

The gentleman in question, as stated is a Self-Initiated and Self-Appointed Wiccan High Priest, as previously stated here is the kicker, his Coven is a Dianic Wiccan Coven of four (and only one female). Hold on a minute ... "Dianic"? To the best of my knowledge Dianic is a Female Wiccan path ... it may have males members ... if they are invited to join the coven by the High Priestess! There is NO, to the best of my knowledge, High Priests in Dianic Wicca. Dianic is "Secret Women's Business" ... No male has ever been a High Priest in this Order ... at least the research that both the Doggie Lama and I have undertaken can not find a Male HP, initiated as such in this order.

As the story was told, more inconsistancies where revealed. He asked one of his female members to do a ritual upon him which he wrote for them, without the rest of the coven ... even though it was not a full coven of 13 ... the spell/ ritual that he wrote had the Wiccan Chant of the Goddesses in reversed order ... the purpose of the spell/ ritual was to release him from a block which prevented him from being harmed and harming others ...

Hold on a minute ... the Wiccan rede ..whether it is Alexandrian, Golden Dawn, Gardenrian, Dianic etc is "Harm Ye None" ...and he wanted to be released from his oath?

Stranger and Stranger this tale becomes ... the other purpose of this spell/ ritual was so he was also, released from the moral obligation to allow him to covet another's partner ... and then at the conclusion of this ritual he performed the great rite to seal the spell/ ritual with the female member who assisted him in the ritual. Mind you the female member who he had intercourse with was married to another but was not the female he wished to covet,

Does any of this seem ethical to you? Does any of this make sense to you?

Here we have a Self proclaim High Priest of a Dianic Coven, of all things, performing a Ritual which is not only totally unethical and immoral but completely in contradiction of the Wiccan Rede but also, participating in Sex Magic ... but wait ...there's more ...

To the best of my knowledge and research, Dianic Wiccans do NOT perform rituals involving Sex Magic.

To the best of my knowledge and research, the Patron Goddess of the Dianic Witchcraft is the Goddess of the Hunt, Diana.

To the best of my knowledge and research, the Goddess Diana is a VIRGIN.

To the best of my knowledge and research, very few males are permitted to be members of a Dianic Coven let alone be an established High Priest.

I suppose when it comes to Paganism and Wicca you can walk whatever your path you so desire ...SHIT! ... No wonder Paganism is gaining such a bad reputation with individuals such as this running around ...

If you know this person please inform him ...that hence forth and hereon, I dub him THE PAGAN PRAT FROM BALLARAT!


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