Gods of the Israelites

by Leith Carnie

The Christian "God" is not a singular Deity, despite all the misinformation.
It comes from the Israelites who were NOT monotheists as people believe, but rather Henotheists which means they PICKED one god from a GROUP of gods.
The very name Israel comes from Isis-Ra-El, Isis being a Virgin Mother Goddess of Egypt, Ra being Amon-Ra (which is why Christians say Amen) and El who was also known as Saturn. The worship of El or Saturn takes place on the Sabbath... Saturday or SATURN'S DAY. Priests of El were known as ELders, and to become ELevated to the position of ELder you were ELected, then you were considered one of the ELite.
The Catholic Church now worship their Solar Messiah, Jesus, on Sun's Day.

The Christian Deity is also called YHVH or "Yahweh". In the ancient Hebrew language YHVH is a descriptive term. It describes a build up and release of Sexual Energy. In other words, an ORGASM! So when you call out "OHH GOD!" while in the act, you are correct!:-p
The Kabbalistic meaning given to YHVH is Yod: the genderless ultimate, Heh: the feminine that gives it form, Vah: the male aspect birthed of the female who then procreates with the female to create the next Heh and everything else.
Either way, it is a sexual title. As is Christ. Christ comes from Christos which implies OIL. The oil was used to annoint the head which was symbolic of semen on the head of a penis. Hence all the phalic towers or steeples found on Christian Churches. ("Church" comes from the Scottish "Kirk" which comes from "Cerce" a Greek Goddess found in Homer's Odyssey.) But even Christos isn't the origin, the original title was given to Horus. KRST which means very similar to Lucifer; Bringer of Light or Light Barer as Horus was associated with the sun. So much so that Horus' 12 steps across the sky became known as Hours, which is Horus with a couple of letters switched.

Nowhere in the book of Genesis (Gene of Isis) does it say God (singular) CREATED MAN!! It says "And Elohim (plural, meaning gods and goddesses) said; Let US make man in OUR image and OUR likeness".
There is a HUGE difference between MAKE and CREATE. 'Make' implies the humans already existed and the Elohim changed them into THEIR likeness.
If you MAKE a clay statue, you have not CREATED the clay!
Incidentally, Adam and Eve were not made in the Garden of Eden, they were PUT there which means they were made elsewhere. They were also told to REPLENISH the Earth, just as Noah's family was told to REPLENISH, meaning there were Humans on earth BEFORE Adam and Eve.

Most Christians pass off US and OUR as meaning the Trinity. This is simply not correct.

This "OUR" and "US" anomaly continues in the eating of the forbidden fruit "Man has become like US" and the tower of Babel "Let US go and confuse..."

The number of deities mixed up to create the deity of Christianity is staggering and confusing. These supposed monotheists are actually very misled polytheist pagans.