The Journey


I would like to present some of the Spiritual Cermeonial Work that I have been investing my time, and energy, and even finances into for the last 3 months. No this is not a commercialized message seeking anyone to follow the same Path that I have been Journeying upon, and No this is not a message seeking anyone to join any group.

This is a message of sharing the experience that I am having, and have been having since
I have been pursuing what I term as The Journey.

Some who have read my posts in the past know I am very interested in Ancient Religions and Cultures.

Of the Last 9 months I have been examining the Sumerian Culture and Religion to the extent that my budget could afford the Cuneiform Texts Transliterated into Latin, and then Translated into English. These Texts are written by Archaeological Scholars and at their time of publishing were the latest in the findings about their various subject materials.

Of the cost of the Rituals themselves, their was of course the planning time, since according to all the major Arcgaeologists that I could find that had experience befitting their staure scholastically I can say that most agreed that the New Moon or Dark Moon was the time that was most Potent and most Powerful for the Priests or Kings of the Land of Sumer to Perform Ritual. Actually there is about a 13 day period starting with the New Moon which to the Sumerians was the beginning of their months.

I also used the Correspondences from ALeister Crowleys Liber 777, and
Stephen SKinner's "The Complete Magians' Tables" for the proper usuage of Planetary Incense and Perfumes. Of course, this is where the finances came into action. The Incenses and Perfumes were not all easy too find.

If you know of the Planetary Correspondences according to these books, and have any knowlede about the Sumerian Deities you will know that each of the Seven Ancient Planetary
Spheres was considered as an Aspect to a Particular Deity, or God of the Ancient Sumerians. Thus each Planet represented in th Human Consciousness a certain Level of Passage or Attainment. I used the prayers of the actual copies of the Translated Cuneiform Texts,
as well as the Ritual description that they gave for each of the Seven Ancient Planetary Deities, in as much an traditional manner as I could decipher. With SPecific Libation, Offering of Honey, Dates, Wine, Spring or Sweet Water, Round Loaves of Wheat Bread, Butter, Milk, etc...

Of these Rituals I came to understand that the Offering represented the Bounty of the Particular Season, and, or position in Life. I also came to an understanding that the things which are perceived by us through any of the senses have a type of Inward Collective. Some of you may understand this as the Collective Unconscious of Doctor Carl Jung.

These Scenes that occur to us in flashes, or words which proceed forth from
our mouth unbidden, actually do have a meaning. I was several times in deep Ritual Meditation and a word or letters adding up to what appeared to be a word would proceed either from my pen, or my mouth. Upon researching these words, which several of them were of Persian, Babylonian, or some other Foreign Dialect that I was not Consciously aware of knowing the meaning, until I did extensive research online.

Of course my Intellectual and Rational Mind said, well I must have seen it or read it somewhere before, but I had no record of the combination of letters, or words even being anything but jibberish until researching them. I now am of the mind that when we make the Journey Inward, we sometimes Connect with the Collective Unconscious through means of ALtered States as well as Lucid Dreaming Sattes of the Subconscious, we begin to form Synapses that help us to Bridge these Phenomena more regulary then we used too, and so it happens more often, the more we do it. Call this Synchretism, Regression, or Memory that is Deep Seated in our Psyche, but it is there, and at times we do tap into it.

I am still in the Ceremonial Ritualistic Cycles, but I have already notced within myself changes, such as Clarity of Mind, Better Physical Shape, Able to Study and Research for a couple of hours at a time, whereas my usuall time doing so was about 30 minutes at an interval, peace of mind, and contentment.

I think the Key is to Identify with the Chracteristics of the particular Deity you are dealing with at the moment, and too become Conscious of through your own Will the way that these descriptions and Characteristcs are a part of each of us.

One things I am sure of, We Are All In Motion, All Things Are, The Journey Is Endless.



HP Helel (Joseph)