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From Ghoulies and Ghosties and All Things that go bump in the Night, dear Lord protect me.

- - Old Cornish proverb

Have you ever had a Ghostly experience? If so please consider contributing your story to The Editor for inclusion in a special feature in the coming months.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had a paranormal or haunting experience.

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The Environmentally Friendly Edition


Global Events

*** There is a Great Many Events listed in this month's issue ***



When I published the July issue of this Newsletter, I found myself again and again drawn back to the article, "Green Creed" authored by my good friend Barley SingerI must have read it at least a dozen times.

So impressed with its contents, that I decided then and there that the September issue had to be an Environmental/ Eco-Pagan edition.

I busied myself with research and inspiring others to contribute to my theme and endeavoured to write my own article based on what my research had revealed. World's End is the result.

Ironically, whilst collating this issue, Dragonfly and I witnessed our own Environmental Disaster taking place in the vacant lot next to our residence.

What we witnessed was nothing short of Environmental Vandalism as the "cowboy" sub-contractors up-rooted all and any trees which where in their way. Dragonfly, was particularly devastated when they up-rooted the Liquid Amber which she has been photographing and using in her column to mark the seasons and issues.

I was equally appalled when the crane-driver deliberately knocked down branches of the 50 year old Willow on our property, just because the over hanging branches were in his way. Mind you our land-lord hasn't got Council approval to cut the willow down yet and this is holding up his own subletting of the land which we currently reside on.

If you wish to see both photographs and video of this Ecological Abuse just click here.

Without further ado, please journey onwards and read more on how we can protect Mother Earth.



High Priestess Frances Billinghurst of the Temple of the Darkmoon once more consents to grace our Newsletter with yet another wonderfully written and informative article which is appropriate for the current Environmental issue.

More Information Here


  Dragonfly's Haven  

Dragonfly writes about Raising Ecologically Conscious Pagan Children.  Come and look at the world through a Pagan Parent's eyes.

More Information Here

Wisdom of the Willow

Introducing a  NEW semi-regular column by Willow Firesong. Some marvellous and brilliant wisdom to enlighten and refresh all. This month Willow writes about Candle Safety. So everything you might wish to know about Candles might be found here.

More Information Here 

  Book Reviews & Bookshop Group

Reviews by Mike Gleason and myself.

More Information Here



As promised, or is that threatened, the Secretary of Leshanki presents an introduction  to the members of Committee of Leshanki.

More Information Here


The Green Creed (revised)

My good friend Barley Singer's wonderful article on the Eco-Pagan path was  the inspiration behind this issue and well worth a re-visit.

More Information Here


Operation Possum

A interesting story about our resident Possum on steroids, "Arnie" coupled with new research being under-taken by the University of SA. Read the story and the Media release and do a survey.

More Information Here



Part Two of Michael Wallace's brilliant Novelette. The first and we hope and not the last of short stories contributed by our many friends. If you have a story you would like to share feel free to contribute.

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The Cosmic Cauldron is proud to support a  group of Pagan musicians whose band has an extra-ordinary following in the USA and are destined to take the world by storm.

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The Noble Virtue Courage

Lilium Carlson sent me this article which she described as a tribute to her Heathen path. It is well worth a read as it gives a young person's perspective on the Nine Noble Virtues of the Asatrur.

More Information Here



If you have managed to scroll this far down the page and if my book review of an old book "Mountain People" has pinged your interest then you may wish to read my own insightful article on the STUPIDITY  of human kind. Is it the end of the World?

More Information Here


Earth Systems Science

The text of the 46th Annual Bennett Lecture for the 50th Anniversary of Geology at the University of Leicester given by Sir Crispin Tickell, a member of the Leicester i-Science Advisory Board.

More Information Here

A Whale Called Colin

Dragonfly pays tribute to the little Whale named Colin which was very recently put down in Sydney harbour.

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Please SUPPORT our wonderful sponsors who have seen the potential behind our little independent Newsletter and who have joined our little family to ensure its growth.   It is still not to late to become a sponsor. (Click on the link below)

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Web Reviews


Owner of this site, Michaela, presents us with a Treasure Trove of Norse Mythology, Poetry and Music. There is so much there that I am still ploughing my way through the web pages. A must visit.



Mother is Cold

(A Poem by )

Durk Simmons 



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Pagan Parents outside of these criteria may also apply for membership.

Our focus is on Parenting our children effectively while respecting our path, the environment, ourselves and, most importantly, our children as unique individuals.


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