"The Creation of Leshanki - The Children of Leshy"


Leshanki is an Association of Pagan activists who have come together
to provide the Pagan Community with a number of services that the
Founding Members of Leshanki felt were lacking within our Pagan Society.

Our name comes from Leshy, God of the forest and wild places in the
Slavonic Pantheon, who enjoyed perplexing humanity in a playful manner
yet fiercely protected the places he loved. Leshy was a shape shifter
with the ability to walk as tall as the largest tree in the forest and
sway as gently as the smallest blade of grass in the field.

We are the Leshanki, children of Leshy. Our home is the Pagan
Community in which we live, the Earth which we love and greatly
respect and we shall fiercely protect it and the people within and
upon her. Leshanki has 13 Founding Members and all bring a diverse
range of skills and talents to the Association with many years of
experience and service within the Pagan Community. While 10 of these
members are in NSW we have 1 in Queensland, 1 in Victoria and 1 in the
Northern Territory.

As an Association Leshanki are working on centralizing a data base for
public use and reference and an easy way to find that study group,
class or pub moot. We also plan to list services especially for the
needs of Pagans such as qualified Pagan counsellors, health workers
and Pagan friendly businesses.

A brief outline of other Leshanki projects are as follows.

The Pagan Garden Project- The objective of this project is to
encourage Pagans to become interested and to care for their direct
environment. Lists of herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and native
plants and shrubs suitable to your area will be made available on our
up and coming website.
Information on several environmentally friendly ways to plan and make
use of the space in your garden will also be available along with
instructions on the basics of organic gardening, permaculture and
biodynamic gardening.

The Pagan Community Garden Project- Leshanki shall strive to encourage
community projects, such as tree planting, weed eradication and Adopt
a park projects within the Pagan Community, listing those community
groups and councils and an outline of their involvement.

The Exorcism Project- The objective of this project is to protect the
Pagan Community from Slander and misinformation constantly directed
toward them from the Catholic Church. We shall have archived articles
from many sources exhibiting the bizarre practice of exorcism and hope
to lobby to bring government attention to this barbaric practice,
encouraging harsher penalties for those inflicting harm upon another
for the false belief of eradicating demonic possession.

The Pagan Paedophile Project- It has come to the attention of Leshanki
that there are predators praying upon the innocent within our
community. Leshanki shall offer educational tools so that the Pagan
Community can remain informed as to the best ways to protect itself
from such predatorial behaviour. Leshanki shall also have information
for Adults running workshops in regards to acceptable and proper
conduct and reference materials to run workshops on the subject.
Leshanki shall also have a reporting process for which predatorial
crimes can be reported to the authorities and referrals to Counsellors,
health workers and Lawyers can be coordinated from the website.

Leshanki have a public forum where subjects and future projects that
members of the Pagan Community would like to become involved in or are
concerned about, can raise issues and help Leshanki to make our
Community a brighter, safer and happier place to be.

Please call in and have a chat, start a conversation and voice your
concerns. Volunteer or just remain up to date with what is happening
in your community.