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It Is the people in Leshanki that make it special. This month we have an interview with Leith Carnie Co- Founder and President of Leshanki.

Leith you are one of the Founding Members of Leshanki. What gave birth
to Leshanki?
Well, you see, when a Daddy Leshy and a Mummy Leshachikha love each other very much...... well they don't even have to love each other really, that just complicates things further..... usually they're both just .......erm, what was the question?
Oh, THAT Leshanki!
Jaded members of the Pagan Public felt their needs were not being met. They were not being represented. 
Eventually members nagged me, independently, to create an org that actually DID something and filled in the holes that others didn't feel important enough to do. Obviously the Pagan public does consider these holes important, or the issues wouldn't come up! The environment is an issue that is not taken up by many pagan groups. Some groups do nothing at all! Being Pagan representing our ties to nature is very important to us.

What role do you see Leshanki playing in the greater Pagan Community?
I see us as the non-PC, bad asses of  Pagan Organisations. We're not here for popularity. We do not expect to get good press. We call it how it is. If you want to know the heart of the matter ask us. If you want help with your cause and you are Pagen, we are here to help.
SAC-WAC-RIFICE: To say or do something because you feel strongly that it needs to be said or done, while knowing the consequence of this action will come back to hit you in the balls. 
If you love us, then you understand us and be on our wave length! If you hate us, then we're obviously a threat to your bubble.
We are a fun bunch of people, but this doesn't mean we tolerate stupidity. We don't have to tolerate everyone. There are people out there whose arses desperately need kicking, and we're the ones to do it.
Im not here to be apologetic to ignorant cowans. (I would never describe Magic as being the same as Prayer. Prayer is writing letters to the council to whine about the hole the footpath in your street. Magic is buying a bag of cement and fixing the bloody thing.) We work on a completely different level to main stream cults. Its like comparing Tea to Wine. And if you have only ever tasted Tea, the intoxicating effects of Wine are way out of understanding. Whatever we tell them, they still wont like us. That's THEIR problem. But if they decide to rekindle the hate campaign against my Pagan Brothers and Sisters, then Im coming out swinging.
There are also predators within the pagan community that need to be weeded out and crushed.
We are not the self appointed Pagan Police. We are more of an active group, but this isn't our only focus.

What is your experience in volunteer organisations and environmental
I have been a sponsor of Greenpeace and the Wilderness Society, yet from time to time my personal financial position forces me to suspend it. I try to promote PETA as much as I can as I am a rabid vegetarian, and I love their no holds barred approach to animal rights. (they actually encourage the vandalisation of KFC signs, and promise to cover legal costs if you get busted! Rock On!!!)
I also get involved in Men's groups such as the Lone Fathers Association, Dads in Distress and the Men's Shed. I have been through the nightmare of having my son abducted by his mother and having to be dragged through a "femin-Nazi rights" based legal system for two and a half years, and those organisations kept my head out of a noose.
In my opinion, its the volunteer organisations that you can really trust to be genuine. There is no profit to be made, so the people are in it for the right reasons; BECAUSE THEY GIVE A SHIT, not for dollar signs! Now, if only Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians were volunteers as well......

We hear you are a bit of a rat bag. Do you think Leshanki will be
taken seriously?
Yes, I AM a ratbag. Im honest about it, which means Im not hiding anything. I'm more inclined to trust the dude with the tatts, piercings, dreds and shabby hippy clothes than the stiff in the business suit and a brief case.
The Suit is lying. His shit stinks as much as the rest of us. He snorts coke, shoots heroin, beats his wife and buys child porn. He makes his money by relieving you of your money, and that's all he's interested in. The suit is meant to make him look "respectable".
The shabby hippy is a shabby hippy. His shit smells of  Tofu. He smokes pot and probably gets up to other minor illegal activities, but there is no surprise when you see the bong on his coffee table and he will offer you a hit without making money on you.
When you come to the Leshanki website, you get the message "If you have a problem...... go cry to your Mummy". You know exactly what you are in for. None of us have anything to hide in Leshanki and opinions are aired publicly and uncensored.
If people don't want to take us seriously that's fine with me. It keeps the attention off us from Ego driven groups, that are worried we will steal their lime light, and allows us to get on with business.

What are your greatest achievements?
I can tie my own shoes in under 20mins.
Nothing of relevance to Leshanki really. I used to be a popular Sound Engineer on the Sydney live music scene. I was asked by a couple of bands to tour Europe with them, but declined. The Choirboys were friends of mine, I used to ride to gigs with them and their drummer asked if I would consider touring with them, again I declined.
I was invited to go to a business lunch with Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson, as the guy doing it didn't know much about their music. Guess what? I declined! (WTF was I thinking?!) Although I did meet Marilyn Manson.
I was auditioning for a band called JERK, as the vocalist, but they took sooooooooo long to do a sound check that I got bored and left. They recorded an album and toured with Marilyn Manson, but didn't last long. If I had taken that path I wouldn't be here with my beautiful Children.
I used to be in a band called Shit-House Elves. We recorded an EP and had a small fan base, but the other guys wanted to get "real" jobs and quit. A couple of months later I was asked if S.H.E. could play support for Atari Teenage Riot. Obviously we couldn't!
You can find a few recently put together songs on my Leshanki page.
My proudest achievements are my Children.

What is the main focus of Leshanki at this present time?
We've all just done dirty, great belly-whackers into this and now we're waiting for the waves and bubbles to clear so we can see just how deep the pool is.
The website went public not too long ago. We're looking for a little publicity as we are here to serve the needs of the Pagan Community, not what WE think they need. The sooner people make requests of us, the sooner we can serve them.

Tell us about a cause you feel very strongly about?
I'm all for a completely Vegetarian population. As PETA will tell you:  According to the United Nations, raising animals for food contributes to global warming more than all the cars, planes, boats, and trains in the world combined! There's no such thing as a meat-eating environmentalist!
Biologically, Humans ARE herbivores! Our bodies are designed for plant consumption only. For a start human stomachs, and the stomachs of other herbivores, produce less than one twentieth of the stomach acids of carnivores required to break down the meat. Eating meat is killing you AND our planet. Colon cancer anyone? Sorry Mr Sam Neil, but we didn't drop down from the trees, go to Woollies, buy cling wrapped steak, and evolve. The people who feed you that unfounded bullshit are the ones with investments in the meat industry. Just as the toothpaste companies will tell you to use sodium fluoride (Rat Poison), Coca-cola will tell you to drink Coke, Make up companies will tell you you shouldn't have wrinkles etc.. etc... meat companies will tell you you need to consume the rotting corpses of mutilated animals to be healthy, when in fact the opposite is true. I get HEAPS of protein from my vegetarian diet, and I've never been iron deficient. Ask an Elephant or a Rhino or even a Cow how they get so big on vegetarian diets! 
Do you seriously think you could chase down a cow and tear it to shreds with your teeth? No?
Can you pick an apple?

Where do you see Leshanki in 5 years time?
Well and truly established, with huge amounts of respect and fear from friends and foes. I would like to be the blue print for how Pagan Organisations should be. We have no one to impress but ourselves, so why do we bother with the false niceties?

If you are interested in Leshanki please go to   www.leshanki.ning.com/
We have a forum to discuss many of the issues within our community as well as groups so you can mix with like minded people.