Has Leshanki Fallen in a Hole and Ran its Race?

In September and October I learnt a very valuable lesson. "Don't Rely on Anyone else!"

I know that there are those in the community who wish to see this Newsletter fail. I realise that my detractors are waiting with glee hoping to see The Wayfinder fall flat on his face.

Trouble with me is that I am too trusting and easy going. The Billy-goat gruff exterior is only slightly a façade … I am a very loving and trusting person deep down … well …really deep down. I always attempt to give others the benefit of the doubt and sometimes I don't rely on my own sixth-sense and intuition … silly Wayfinder.

Moving can be a pain in the arse … especially when you are right in the middle of teaching acolytes … putting together a Newsletter …designing logos and websites for clients.

… And to even try to have someone, particularly a pagan stick to a deadline … well you know what they say …organising Pagans is like herding cats …and I bleeding well would rather herd cats.

What has this got to do with Leshanki, I bet you're thinking?

Well …it is like this …here is an organization which I feel is very strong in values …and organization of people who I believe wish to help the Pagan Community and fight for issues that concern those who walk an alternative spiritual path …

Like everyone who contributes to my Newsletter, I, in return support and promote the contributors whether as individuals, covens, groups of individuals, organizations or a community bodies with FREE Promotion and FREE advertising (except for Banner Advertising). Actually, Leshanki got the Banner advertising for nothing …because it was something I wanted to be involved in …something I wanted to get behind …

All I asked is that contributions get to me in time as NOT to put me under duress or pressure … I even put up a page titled: "Deadlines and Submission". All I asked is that all and every contribution is supplied by or before the 25th of each month. This way, I didn't need to harass contributors or chase them up …and as I was in the process of moving and did not have Internet connection … I did not have the ability to chase people up.

I even made the effort to book a computer at the local library for an hour over a period of two weeks to download every contribution … but NO Leshanki Article … NO Witch Weezie column who I deduce by now is also, the same member of Leshanki who writes both … the Secretary.

So somewhat desperate I fired off a letter to the President of the organisation … and he in return passes the buck back to the Secretary who he informs me is in an out of hospital.

Now I sympathise and have the deepest empathy for the Secretary and I do hope her health improves soon … but let me be clear here … yes …everyone knows that the Secretary of an organisation or committee is the most important person in such a governing body incorporated or not … but what kind of President doesn't take-up some of the slack or shoulder the burden? What of the other committee members …where are they …and if they have a Treasurer where are they? Of holidaying in Bali?

In response I fired off another message to the President taking him to task and the response I got back had me blinking twice, shaking and scratching my head in total bewilderment. He wrote:

"As any good management would do, I'm gonna have to pass the buck on the Leshanki articles. I've never written, nor submitted an article on behalf of Leshanki apart from the interview with me. Witch Weezie? Not even my idea and totally out of my control. There isn't any real stick pointing in Leshanki. Its a bunch of people doing as they will under one umbrella. We all agreed to do our own thing on the site.
I haven't even seen any of the articles published prior to them being published, its The Secretary who writes them with the trust that she wont do anything stupid. The Secretary has been very busy of late. Apart from almost dying a couple of times over the last month, she has also started a new job, which has her in long hours. After I enquired about the last article, or lack there of, she gave me a "whoops" and asked me to do it. Bit late now I know. She is a busy woman and much of her work goes without thanks."

… BUT what was the real kicker for me … the real eye-opener and mouth dropper was this:

"Not challenging you either. Just stating my position. Its not in my nature to be submissive to authority, never has been. I respect others and expect the same. I've never had a Master, nor a Teacher when it comes to my spiritual path. I don't believe in hierarchy. Last time I was pushed with an attempted submission to authority, I all but completely tore apart the pagan alliance."

Hold on for a minute? He doesn't believe in "hierarchy" … then why on earth is he holding a position as President in an organisation? He doesn't submit to authority? Don't he and the rest of his committee realise that ORGANISED ANARCHY does not work?

Now, I have put on and laced up my steel cap boots. Some one needs a good arse kicking! How can any of the representatives or committee members of Leshanki expect anyone to take them serious in the Pagan Community or even wish to have Leshanki represent their issues? If the Secretary is too busy …and no one else will take-up the slack and a Treasurer, if they at all exist, holidaying off somewhere … who is there to do the work? Who is there amongst these disenchanted and disenfranchised ex= Pagan Alliance executive committee members in this motely crew around who is actually going to fight for the issues which may concern anyone wishing to join their cause?

I'm sorry and I may not win accolades for writing this article especially with the Leshanki mob … but gee, guys and gals … you had so many strong values and so much potential … but I feel you are letting yourself down as well as those who believed in you …me included.

As for my detractors … and any other contributors who feel that they can supply articles at whim … this NEWSLETTER will not fail …even if I have to write the entire bloody thing myself.

… And this then would not prevent me from thumbing my nose at who ever I please and writing what ever I want and dare you to just drag me to court for defamation.

As far as I am concern the National Pagan Alliance is a spent force, which is financially destitute and incapable of looking after members' interests, and Leshanki is a pipe dream … an old hack brumby left at the post and not in the race.

With Respect

~ The Wayfinder ~