MAGIC and the Male Libido - A Males Perspective


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What a lot of magic practitioners do not take into consideration is the male libido and psyche.

Being a Goddess worshipper, and this is just one male's point of view, males often find it hard to get in touch with their feminine side ... and often some, not all males come to covens and other magical paths to pursue their own sexual pleasures. After all, Gerald Gardner, Aleister Crowley and even Alexander Saunders created their own unique paths because they were dirty old men and wanted to get there end in.

After all, as is taught in the eight paths of magic, the Great Rite and sex magic are the most powerful and affective methods of raising energy.

A lot of people reading this may consider that this article is sexist. Far from it, as stated previously I am a Goddess worshipper. I was raised in an all female environment; three sisters, a mother and a grand-mother. My father was in the Navy so I really had no male role model until I was 12 -13 years old and I seemingly get on and communicate better with women more than other males of my species. In actual fact, I love women and after all this is a male point of view.

When it comes to harnessing the magical energies, utilising these energies effectively and channelling the essence of the elements, I personally feel that women are more in tune with the Cosmic forces of the Universe.

I can sense all the male readers sharpening their axes and swords now ... or preparing to write an opposing response to debate my theories. However, the real target audience of the message behind this article is the female of the species.

Most women graciously age and seemingly transform from Maiden, Mother to Crone subtly and with dignity. Others do not. Largely due to the way they are treated by the men in their relationship, due to possibly domestic abuse, allowing themselves to be downtrodden, allowing their self-esteem to be suppressed, many women just let themselves go. This is especially so after a divorce or where the "bastard" has left the
partner for another women.

I can feel now the female readers, gritting their teeth, preparing torture instruments and sharpening long and dangerous pointy things ready to draw and quarter me ... or typing up a nasty letter calling me a "male chauvinist pig". The fundamental purpose of this article, is to draw attention to the Goddess essence within all women and how
best to harness this energy to entice. It may be from a male's perspective and that is why I have written it. The old saying and title for a book rings true ... Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Here we have Covens springing up all over the place especially here in South Australia that no one has previously heard of. High Priestesses also, blossoming like wild flowers in a pagan garden and announcing their presence and their newly established or long established but never heard of coven with offerings and projects ...that you will find you have to pay for ...

Oh, please ... I think tomorrow I shall establish the Sacred Order of the Naked Wombat and call myself Lord High Emperor of the Grand Order of Wombat Dropping...

Now ... I have offended as many readers as I possibly can, I need to point out and ask the questions. Where is the real focus for Spiritual Awakening? Where is the focus of finding the Goddess within? Surely, if a High Priestess is worth her salt she should be offering Goddess Workshops and even consider having male speakers.

I know of several events planned in the next few months which will cater to the Goddess within you all and will list them at the bottom of this article but for now, I am going to continue my male ranting and reveal some secrets for the female reader from this humble, goddess worshiping male's perspective.

Men do not find women in tracky daks attractive. The old pagan joke about "you may be a pagan red-neck High Priestess ... if you do a ritual or hold a gathering in a track-suit" springs to mind.

Let's have a real close look at the Male Psychic; the Male Libido. A great many men suffer from the "Madonna Syndrome" (and I don't mean the singer either) and it may be even latent:

"In Freudian psychoanalysis, a Madonna-whore complex is a psychological complex that is said to develop in the human male. The term is also used popularly, often with subtly different meanings.

According to Freudian psychology, this complex often develops when the sufferer is raised by a cold and distant mother. Such a man will often court women with qualities of his mother, hoping to fulfil a need for intimacy unmet in childhood. Often, the wife begins to be seen as mother to the husband-a Madonna figure-and thus not a possible object of sexual attraction. For this reason, in the mind of the sufferer, love and sex cannot be mixed, and the man is reluctant to have sexual relations with his wife, for that, he thinks unconsciously, would be as incest. He will reserve sexuality for "bad" or "dirty" women, and will not develop "normal" feelings of love in these sexual relationships."


Most men hold their beloved in the highest regards and consider her pure and "Goddess" like and when their wives become the mother of their children they become reluctant to engage in adventurous sexual activities with them, prefering to make love with the lights off, missionary position only, rolling over and going to sleep afterwards etc. Not a great many men will admit to it though. Of course, we have the men who are just plain inconsiderate lover or are unaware of their beloved needs. On the most part, this syndrome goes hand in hand with the:

"OEDIPUS COMPLEX: For Freud, the childhood desire to sleep with the mother and to kill the father. Freud describes the source of this complex in his Introductory Lectures (Twenty-First Lecture): "You all know the Greek legend of King Oedipus, who was destined by fate to kill his father and take his mother to wife, who did everything possible to escape the oracle's decree and punished himself by blinding when he learned that he had none the less unwittingly committed both these crimes" (16.330). According to Freud, Sophocles' play, Oedipus Rex, illustrates a formative stage in each individual's psychosexual development, when the young child transfers his love object from the breast (the oral phase) to the mother. At this time, the child desires the mother and resents (even secretly desires the murder) of the father. (The Oedipus complex is closely connected to the castration complex.) Such primal desires are, of course, quickly repressed but, even among the mentally sane, they will arise again in dreams or in literature. Among those individuals who do not progress properly into the genital phase, the Oedipus Complex, according to Freud, can still be playing out its psychdrama in various displaced, abnormal, and/or exaggerated ways. See also Freud Module 3 on repression and Freud Module 1 on psychosexual development. "


Now to clarify, I am not saying all men have a psychological desire to kill their fathers and marry their mothers or have sexual relationships with their mothers. But many men do put their mothers on pedestals and many men often court and marry women with qualities of his mother. Many men consider their mothers saints and pure and when their wives become mothers they often consider them in the same light.

It is probably a well know fact that more men than women have extra-marital affairs. A great many men secretly or openly have liaisons with prostitutes. More men than women suffer the seven year itch or take-off on their partner with a younger lover. More men than women view pornography of any sort. More men than women ogle younger people of the opposite sex or flirt outrageously with a younger person
of the opposite sex.

... And, if you really stand back and observe this ritual you will find that the object of the older man's desires (whether younger, the same age or older) is a woman dressed a little risqué, well presented and wearing make-up. A "goddess" in his mind.

Glamour is the word that comes to mind which comes from the old magic term of "placing a glamour" on a male.

At the risk of offending the Dianics and the feminists readers (and hey, I have offended a great many already) I will run the gauntlet. Do you think the Goddess (whether she be Hecate, Lilith, Venus, Freya, Frigg) would be caught seen dressed in tracky daks, with unkempt or unstyled hair and no make-up?

Many Dianics and feminist reading this and who have probably black-listed me or put me on their target list, are saying things to themselves, like: "Why should I dress up or wear make-up to please a man?" "This is who I am, take me as I am!" "What do I care what a man thinks anyway?"

At the moment, here in Australia, there is a Television program called "Taken Out", where thirty women put a man under scrutiny and judge their appearance, fashion sense, humour, personality etc. to see if
they are prepared to go out on a date with him. Brave Men or complete fools ... either way ... it is a well know scientific fact that the female of the species select their respective mate and sperm donor.

No one can tell me that women do not "check out the parcel" when a man walks past them and males in pubs, clubs and other gatherings don't compare notes on women in their visual radar.

The Goddess may be within ... but if you are to let her out ... how will she appear to the on-looker?

Learning belly dancing may be great exercise and be arousing to most men but is it really relevant to the Goddess when you consider that Belly-dancing is part of a Middle Eastern or Arabic culture, how does this relate to European or other pantheon and paths?

I mean no disrespect, offence or discourtesy, but in this humble male's perspective, to allow the Goddess within to come forth is to embrace the Hecate, the Lilith, the Madonna within you.

Footnote: Unfortunately as this issue was late the events mentioned had already passed. There is always Beltaine however, here in the Southern Hemisphere to let your Inner Goddess Out.

Copyrighted 2008 Michael Lee-Price ~ The Wayfinder ~