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Posted by Spiralle on October 16, 2008 at 9:40pm

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I'm rather annoyed right now.

Yesterday I got an e-mail in connection with my website. It was a positive one, from someone thanking me for posting all of the information on the site, and praising the Youtube video.
I don't have a Youtube video. I haven't the slightest idea how to create one, nor am I particuarly inclined to learn how.

I wrote back, thanking the person for their e-mail, and I asked them to send me the URL for the video, and they did so. The video basically is like a PowerPoint presentation with heavy metal music - a black background with white words showing up. MY words, from MY website. Nowhere do they credit me, and people who have commented have praised the creator of the video for getting the word out about Pagan bullies.

I commented on the video, pointing out the fact that the words are mine - MINE - taken from my website, and wrote to the creator of the video as well, telling them that I wanted my URL added to the presentation. The comment has yet to show up on Youtube.

I deliberately choose to be anonymous as the author of the website because frankly some people are very hostile towards me and the site, and I don't want them tracking me down. However, my very anonymity is sometimes a problem, because more than once I've had people claim that the site was theirs. Really. I've always disputed these claims when I've become aware of them, and they do occur quite rarely.

However, people frequently quote parts of my site, and then take credit for my words.
I don't mind if people quote my site; I don't even care if they ask my permission first (although I appreciate the courtesy). In fact, I'm quite happy that the information is getting out to the world. However, the site has been up for several years now, and I add stuff to it all the time. I've done tons of research, and I've written a lot of words.

I want credit for those words. If someone quotes my site, I want a URL telling people where they got the information. Is that too much to ask?

If the video is not altered in the next few weeks to include my URL, I will be writing to Youtube to complain about it. Enough is enough.


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